Disney + threatens to withdraw all its films from cinemas, TF1, M6 and France TV cry foul

For once, the media chronology is in the middle of a controversy around which streaming platforms and television channels clash. Not really satisfied with this new agreement, Disney+ has announced that its films will no longer be released in cinemas. A threat that does not pass at all with TF1, M6 and France Télévisions.

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Definitely, the media chronology has not finished spilling ink. However, we thought that the new agreement signed at the end of 2021 had everyone in agreement. This is obviously far from the case, since Disney + sent a huge kick in the anthill, announcing that all of its films will now be released exclusively on the platform, and no longer in the cinema.

Little throwback. Faced with the rise of streaming platforms, the authorities have decided to adapt to this “new” mode of consumption. Thus, SVOD services now have the right to broadcast a film 17 months after its theatrical release. Free television channels have seen this period increased to 30 months. In return, they obtain exclusivity on the films, that is to say that the streaming platforms have the obligation to remove them from their catalog from this period.

Disney+ Rebels Against Media Timeline, TV Sounds Alarm

An agreement which is therefore not to everyone’s taste, starting with Disney, which has found a way to do well. Thus, the American firm has announced that most of its films will no longer be released in cinemas, but directly on its streaming platform. This will notably be the case with Strange World, the next big production from the entertainment giant.

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A real scandal for Gilles Pélisson (TF1), Nicolas de Tavernost (M6) and Delphine Ernotte (France Télévisions), who published this Wednesday, September 28 a forum in the World to challenge this threat from Disney. The three leaders thus call the “public authorities not to give in to the diktat of paid platforms” by requiring them to comply with the end-2021 agreement.

The latter also highlight the 144 million euros invested in no less than 126 films in 2021, a figure twice as large as the American streaming platforms. “Do we want access to the cinema in France to be reserved for paying services? », ask the television channels. The debate is open. In the meantime, the showdown continues.

Source: The World

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