Disney + will be full of new things for Halloween, including a Marvel film

Disney + intends to bet on the approach of Halloween to attract a new audience. In addition to highlighting existing programs, the American firm will deploy new thematic content, including a new film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Halloween is approaching and Disney + intends to bet on it to attract a new audience. The firm of Mickey has unveiled its program for the month of October, which obviously focuses on the horrific. New content is highlighted, but Disney does not forget to highlight its old creations.

On the menu, four new films and a documentary will be published in the coming days. There will be something for everyone, even a movie included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney + bets on original productions

Disney’s most-highlighted movie is Hocus Pocus 2, sequel to the 1993 film. The three witches return thirty years later to wreak havoc. Horror-leaning content aimed at children that will be released on September 30. The Mummy’s Secret is the second movie planned by Disney. Announced for October 7, it is also designed for the youngest. Note that it is not new, since already broadcast on Disney Channel.

Grimcutty the hell of the networks, is it for adults only. This is a social media-themed monster movie. Released October 10.

The most interesting film on the list is undoubtedly Werewolf by Night. Intended as a story included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a homage to 1940s monster feature films. Interestingly, it’s directed by Michael Giacchino, best known for composing the soundtrack for many Disney films. Released October 7. Finally, a report called The Extraordinary Powers of Nature will be released on October 10.

In its program, the Californian firm also highlights content already present on Disney + which adapts perfectly to the Halloween theme, such as certain episodes of The Simpsons, short films or even classics. This party is a godsend for streaming platforms who no longer hesitate to create content to make the most of it.


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