DJI is developing its own robot vacuum

The market for robot vacuum cleaners has experienced a sudden acceleration in recent days, due of course to the acquisition of iRobot by Amazon: the e-commerce giant is putting a strategic foothold in this bubbling market. But he will have to reckon with a strong competitor…

Amazon who buys the creator of Roomba should not be the tree that hides the forest. The robot vacuum sector did not wait for the e-commerce juggernaut to play with the checkbook to be very dynamic! Several manufacturers have entered this market created by iRobot: there is thus Xiaomi or Roborock.

Synergies between drones and robot vacuum cleaners

And it’s far from over. According to leaker DuanRui, who often has good sources, DJI is also working on the development of robot vacuum cleaners! The great drone specialist, one of the leaders in this market, would therefore be rubbing shoulders with a whole new sector. It has a certain meaning.

Drones are increasingly using artificial intelligence to automatically detect obstacles and navigate around them. Material technologies, for batteries and motors, hold no secrets for the manufacturer. Without forgetting the art of sensors, such as Lidar, cameras and even stabilizers, with which robot vacuum cleaners are increasingly full.

DJI is also a master in software development, as can be seen with the mobile applications of its drones. In short, there are more bridges between drones and robot vacuum cleaners than one might think at first glance.

And then launching a Roomba competitor is also a way for any company to gain a foothold in the connected home of the future. The home automation industry is on the verge of rapid acceleration with the upcoming launch of the common Matter standard. It is therefore not surprising to see DJI take an interest in it, even if it will be necessary to wait before seeing the brand’s first robot vacuum cleaner, probably a year or two.

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