do you have to have seen the Marvel series and movies?

Here’s what you need to know before seeing Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters. You don’t have to be a Marvel fan to find out.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe looks like a real bag of knots for anyone who’s never laid eyes on a Marvel movie. With its intertwined intrigues and its heroes who navigate from one license to another, discovering a film without having seen others is rather complicated. If you want to see Thor: Love and Thunderwithout having to lock yourself away for two weeks to watch the entire adventures of the heroes in cape and tights, here are the things you need to know before watching Taika Waititi’s new film.

Thor, this hero who has changed a lot

In the first two installments, Thor is a fearless and blameless hero who uses his godlike powers to lead his people and fight the intergalactic peoples who threaten him. Inspired by Norse mythology, the character is a staple in the Marvel stable. In the first part, he is disavowed by his father and banished to Earth. He will have to prove himself worthy of his hammer to regain his grace.

The tone of the story and the character nevertheless changed with the arrival of Taika Waititi at the controls. The hero becomes less solemn and improvises as a comedy hero. Ragnarok is a revival for the character and the license. It is this same director who directs Thor: Love and Thunder.

A love story

Thor: Love and Thunder is less a superhero movie than a romantic comedy. This is at least the genre that inspired the story imagined by Taika Waititi. After eight years apart, Thor and Jane Foster meet by chance. For those who have not seen their first joint adventures, here is what you need to know.

When he lands on Earth, in a great crash, Thor meets a scientist named Jane. She will help him get home. Along the way, they will discover mutual feelings and give birth to their romance. It will continue until the second opus of the saga.

Since then, Jane has stayed away from the radar and we learned in Avengers: Endgame that they had broken up. However, the circumstances of this separation have not been mentioned. The film should teach us more about the question.

Thor isn’t the only god in the Marvel galaxy

Mythology has inspired many works. At Marvel, Thor is not the only god to have invited himself into the comics. Zeus also had his moment of glory under the white and red banner. It should appear in THor: Love and Thunder.

We could also see it in the trailer unveiled a few weeks ago by Disney. He will be played by Russel Crowe. The entire plot of the film evolves around these divine figures like Thor who are threatened by a strange character.

A well-known antagonist

If you haven’t read the Marvel comics, Gorr’s name probably means nothing to you. This antagonist however invites himself in the last film of the hero camped by Chris Hemsworth. It is about a man who lived on a planet alongside other humans who worshiped gods they had never seen. When his people die, Gorr swears to kill all the divine figures who did nothing to prevent this tragedy.

He is camped by Christian Bale in the film, he who has a certain history with superheroes. It was indeed he who played Batman in front of the camera of Christopher Nolan.

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

If you’ve seen the trailers for Thor: Love and Thunder, you are not unaware that the Guardians of the Galaxy are on the trip. The band made up of characters from the four corners of the galaxy had crossed paths with Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. They decided to stay together to help sentient beings in danger.

No need to go to Disney+

If you want to find out Thor: Love and Thunder without having seen the rest of the MCU films, it is possible. Well almost since a certain knowledge of the character could be a plus. You can thus content yourself with discovering Ragnarök available on Disney +.

While the MCU invests the ranks of the SVOD platform, and many spin-off series are emerging, Thor: Love and Thunder is not related to any of them. You are calm.

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