Do you want an Xbox RROD poster?  Microsoft sells it

Do you want an Xbox RROD poster? Microsoft sells it

Juggling its history and its setbacks with maddening ease, Microsoft grants an entire chapter of its Xbox history to the famous RROD. This Red Ring of Death is thus manifested on the facades of the first Xbox 360s to signify a defective console. To remember the good old days, Microsoft even offers a souvenir poster for around thirty euros.

The first Xbox of the name had signed an honorable entry into the world of video games. Admittedly, this big box and its not much less imposing controller had not found favor in the eyes of the Japanese public. But its game library, which somewhere extended that of SEGA’s Dreamcast, had made it a competitor to be wary of.

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With the first HD era completed for a number of years now, it’s safe to say that the Xbox 360 didn’t have to be ashamed of the PS3. At least when it comes to their respective software offerings. Because in terms of reliability, Microsoft’s console quickly disappointed.

Almost 40 euros for an Xbox Red Ring of Death poster

The Xbox 360 is notorious for a technical problem summarized by the acronym RROD (Red Ring of Death). The first versions of the console had the annoying tendency to see their front panel lights flashing red. Signal that the machine could no longer be used.

This phenomenon not only hurt Xbox gamers, but Microsoft as well. The Xbox 360’s year ahead of the PS3 may have served to limit breakage here, but it took time for the manufacturer to regain credibility at this level. Today, it is an uninhibited Microsoft who devotes an entire chapter of his Xbox retrospective to RROD.

To extend the experience, it is even possible to purchase an 18 X 24 poster of this Red Ring of Death. Microsoft thus officially offers it at a price of 27.95 euros. Knowing that with the shipping costs for delivery to France, the total is around forty euros, one can wonder if the joke deserves such an investment.

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