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In the world of VPNs, some stand out. This is particularly the case with NordVPN, excellent for your security as well as for your leisure.

You probably already know this, but in the field of cybersecurity, VPNs have clearly stolen the limelight from antivirus. These tools, which are more complete and more accessible, ensure your online security in an optimal way. But VPNs also go a step further than antiviruses, in that they allow you to access a freer browsing experience.

This is particularly the case with NordVPN, a renowned provider. The latter was established in 2012 and has used its 10 years of experience to grow incredibly. And if it is such a success with Internet users, let us explain to you that it is no coincidence.

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Freedom on the net just a click away with NordVPN

NordVPN users are very numerous, and a large part of them are mainly interested in freer browsing. With this VPN, the whole world is just a click away, thanks to the vast infrastructures it has. These infrastructures include more than 5,600 servers, which are distributed in about sixty countries around the world.

And this is very useful. Indeed, by offering you the possibility of connecting in as many countries, NordVPN allows you to modify your IP address, so that your perceived location on the net is modified. Thus, you will be able to thwart all the geo-blockings and censorships that are current on the net.

For example, you can unblock foreign Netflix foreign content including the American catalog by connecting the VPN to the United States, but also television channels, websites or even geo-restricted game servers. This is also valid when you travel: NordVPN offers you the possibility of locating yourself in France to continue to access your local services and content.

Also, its Onion Over VPN servers, optimized for Tor, allow you to visit the dark web in complete confidentiality. If you are interested in this kind of functionality, know that this is the right time to subscribe, because NordVPN registers a reduction of -60% valid on its two-year plan which amounts to only 2.89€ per month, against 7.29€ normally.

The NordVPN application also allows you to access these possibilities very easily and everywhere since it is compatible on computer, tablet, smartphone, but also Smart TV or connected box. Moreover, with a single account, you will be able to connect up to 6 devices at the same time. Enough to equip all the devices in your home, and even to help out your friends without any extra charge if necessary. From a freedom point of view, NordVPN is therefore very strong, but it does not stop there.

NordVPN, a software of choice for your online security

Bypassing geo-blocks and censorship is an undeniable advantage of NordVPN. But the number one feature of any self-respecting VPN is security. So, what does NordVPN offer you at this level? Unsurprisingly, it is excellent. To protect you on the Internet, NordVPN works on several levels.

First, it creates a secure VPN tunnel, so that your browsing data cannot be read by anyone. At the same time, it fully camouflages your IP address, so that your identity or location cannot be traced back. This will allow you to browse anonymously, which is a major plus.

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However, NordVPN’s security options don’t stop there. This software notably has the Kill Switch, a feature that will suspend your traffic in the event of a VPN disconnection. This prevents your data from being inadvertently exposed. Also note that NordVPN displays an option called Double VPN, which passes your data through two separate servers, in order to increase your security but also your confidentiality.

In addition, NordVPN stands out from the rest with its Anti-Threat Protection, which is a VPN-specific feature that protects you from dangerous sites, pop-up ads, trackers, and infected files. It seems important to us here to remember that this quality of service is accessible at a low price: two years for €69.36 instead of almost €175 usually.

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This offer also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get started and test the VPN with peace of mind. NordVPN therefore offers you secure and totally free browsing, via an easy-to-use application at a bargain price.

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