Dodge has just revived the Charger in an electric version

Dodge has just made a presentation of its Chager Daytona SRT Concept, an electric car that sets the tone for years to come.

This Wednesday, the American car brand Dodge has just revealed to the public a concept of an electric car very close to the thermal Charger that we already know. A true monument in the history of the brand, the Charger should no longer be produced next year, the brand wanting to turn the page on thermal vehicles.

Unveiled at the M1Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, this new concept car gives an idea of ​​the brand’s electric vision. As a reminder, Dodge is part of the Stellantis group in the same way as Citroën or Fiat. As such, all of the group’s brands are trying to go electric as part of a major global plan.

A carriage straddling tradition and innovation

But no question for Dodge to abandon the traditions of the brand with this new electric version of the Charger. In its presentation this week, Dodge announced three major new features for this car. The first should be an R-wing at the front. Dodge also announced that the car will get a multi-speed gearbox with electromechanical shifting.

But the last big change that is planned for this electric Charger is the arrival of an exhaust on the car. Although electric, Dodge decided to leave a tube on the rear of the car. The latter should even be connected to a sound system that reproduces the mythical roar of the Charger.

According to Dodge, this sound could go up to 126 Db, enough to make the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept (that’s its full name) the loudest electric car in the world – by far.

© Dodge/Stellantis

Dodge takes care of its arrival

If the creation of this concept above all gives an idea of ​​the philosophy followed by Dodge in the coming years, it is also a good indicator of what will be under the hood of the brand’s electric cars. With this concept, the American firm explains in its press release that the Charger Daytona EV is already faster than all the other Chargers ever released.

Four-wheel drive, the car also has a “Power shoot”, a small button on the steering wheel that provides access to a temporary surplus of power.

Finally, Dodge has taken care of its entry into the electric world by offering a very high-end interior for this Charger concept. There is a large 12.3-inch screen, as well as a 16-inch curved dashboard.

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