Does Pfizer vaccine protect against severe forms of Omicron?

New in scientific studies concerning the Omicron variant. Researchers confirm that the latter does reduce the level of antibodies in the body after contamination. They are reassuring, however, about the effectiveness of vaccination in reducing severe cases of Covid-19.



Omicron: a variant that worries scientists

Omicron is the covid-19 variant with the most mutations to date. For the only peak protein (protein S) it has, scientists count about thirty. According to a study carried out, these genetic properties allow the variant to significantly reduce the number of neutralizing antibodies in vaccinated people. Nevertheless, the Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories claim that the administration of their vaccine can reduce the effects of an Omicron infection in the body.

Should we fear the amplification of the pandemic with Omicron?

The lack of an effective remedy against the Omicron variant currently leads public opinion to fear the amplification of the pandemic. However, German virologist Christian Drosten indicates that a booster dose is “necessary”. For him, the body defends itself with other means of defense such as T lymphocytes, hence the importance of supporting this action. These results, although not promising for the moment, give hope for the control of the pandemic in the coming months.

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The third dose of vaccine to better protect against Omicron

Although its effectiveness is reduced against the Omicron variant, scientists believe that a third dose of the vaccine better protects individuals. The Pfizer laboratory indicates that this increases the level of antibodies and therefore the level of immune defense. This will then be useful in limiting the body’s exposure to severe forms that require low levels of antibodies. However, the laboratory promises to offer a new, more effective vaccine before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

SOURCE: Futura-Sciences

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