Does reducing speed on the motorway save money?

Saving energy: this is a refrain that we will hear a lot in the coming months, as Russia cuts off its gas tap to all of Europe, which is still far from having completed its ecological transition. . In France, one of the measures envisaged is to reduce speed on the motorway.

More and more sought after, energy is more and more expensive. While waiting to find new suppliers to replace Russia and the disengagement of fossil fuels, we will have to find solutions to consume less. The energy sobriety plan announced by Emmanuel Macron on July 14 includes several savings measures, such as the reduction of the maximum speed to 120 km / h on the highways, instead of 130 km / h.

Significant gains

The equation is simple: driving slower requires less energy, whether for thermal or electric cars. In the first case, driving at 120 km/h saves 14% on fuel for a compact sedan, according to figures from Caradisiac. And for electric vehicles, consumption is reduced by 20% according to the calculations of 01Netwhich represents a gain of autonomy of around sixty kilometres.

In short, these savings are not negligible in a period when filling up at a service station is like visiting the dentist! And the same goes for the charging stations on the highways, which are usually quite expensive.

It now remains to be seen whether such a measure can be passed in an Assembly where the government only has a relative majority. And then talking about speed limits is politically risky: it was the drop to 80 km / h on national roads that had launched the conflict of yellow vests. Not sure that the executive really wants to blow on these embers.

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