Don’t break the bank anymore, this €4.99 mobile plan is madness

Going out 10 or 20 euros per month for a mobile plan is no longer justified. At the moment, the MVNO Prixtel displays a disconcerting price of 4.99 euros for a mobile subscription which will suit the vast majority of French people.

Last year, the month of February was one of the busiest for telecom operators. This year, some actors are keen to do as well and that’s why we find some beautiful nuggets. If you want to change your mobile plan, an essential offer is to be found on the side of Prixtel.

The MVNO has unveiled an attractive offer at all levels: a generous data mobile plan, without commitment and at a very advantageous price. For example, the 40 GB are priced at 4.99 euros per month. From a value for money point of view, it will be difficult to do better. This special offer only lasts until Tuesday evening: you might as well take advantage of it before it’s too late.

I take advantage of the offer

Besides the price, the flexibility

As we have already said above, the Le petit mobile plan includes 40 GB as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for 4.99 euros per month. But Prixtel does not stop there and pushes the customization to the maximum. Indeed, the MVNO allows you to consume more than the allocated 40 GB envelope without killing you on the price.

Exit therefore the off-package. The Prixtel mobile plan comes with data levels which are each associated with a price. By default, the minimum price will be 4.99 euros for use up to 40 GB. If you need a month of 50 GB, the total cost of your subscription will be 7.99 euros. Finally, if you need 60 GB, it will cost you 9.99 euros per month.

Whether for its Le petit, Le grand or Le Géant mobile plan, the MVNO offers three levels of data for each of them. Month after month, it will see how much you have actually consumed and it will bill you accordingly.. The whole procedure is transparent, you can follow your usage in real time to ensure the level.

Discover the Prixtel offers

From a value for money point of view, this MVNO is irreproachable this weekend. For comparison, RED by SFR and B & You display 40 GB for 10 and 9.99 euros per month. You therefore have a price twice lower at Prixtel, knowing that the latter also uses the SFR antenna network. You might as well take advantage of its current offer to save money.

You have never changed your mobile plan before and you don’t know how to do it? Nothing could be simpler: today, you can switch from one operator to another without even having to change your number. When you fill in the registration form, you just need to ask for your RIO code by phone (at 3179, it’s free) to ensure the portability of the number.

A mobile plan adapted to all

Today, with the democratization of telework and Wi-Fi in the office, mobile data consumption is more reasonable. It is for this reason that the mobile plan presented above with 40 GB per month will suffice for the vast majority of French people. If you have a subscription for more than 5 euros per month, it is worth asking yourself and looking at this offer from Prixtel.

However, if you have excessive use of data (connection sharing, mobile downloading, watching films, etc.), Prixtel has adapted its system to two other mobile plans – richer in data. This can go up to 160 GB per month with this same tier system. Once again, all these subscriptions are without commitment of duration.

Prixtel’s second mobile plan also includes all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It stands out with a first level of 80 GB for 6.99 euros per month. Then follow a level at 100 GB for 9.99 euros per month and another at 130 GB for 12.99 euros. Compared to the first plan, this one will be more advantageous when you consume 50 GB per month.

Discover the Prixtel offers

Finally, the latest mobile plan, The Giant, includes three levels of data: 100 GB at 9.99 euros, 130 GB at 12.99 euros and 160 GB at 15.99 euros per month. There is also a small exception for this subscription: you can subscribe to a 5G option which will give you access to this ultra-fast network at SFR. It will be necessary to ensure that your smartphone has a 5G chip and that the network is available in your region.

A committed operator

Prixtel is an operator with no commitment to the customer… but which is itself committed to the environment. It is the only operator on the market to offset all the carbon emissions of its customers. Each of its mobile plans is CO2 neutral thanks to a policy of financing environmental projects and planting trees.

Prixtel is organizing a special offer for Valentine’s Day with a mobile plan at a really attractive price. If you want to make a big saving, now is the time to take advantage of it. Know that you are not taking any risks since you are never committed. In addition to the package price, the MVNO will just ask you to pay for a new SIM card worth 10 euros. This is a standard process in the industry, this cost is required by almost all operators.

To discover the MVNO range, it’s here:

Discover the Prixtel offers

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