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Don’t make the mistake of paying full price!

The Horizon Forbidden West exclusive is already a global hit, but the vast majority of players are buying it for more than they should.

This February 18, fans of the franchise Horizon were finally able to get their hands on the latest opus: Horizon Forbidden West. Released on PS4 and PS5, the title was highly anticipated by the gaming community and this was felt even more when Gerrilla Games announced its postponement to 2022. to be disappointed.

Horizon Forbidden West offers itself a rather hot start, with pre-orders galore and Day 1 purchases to no longer be able to. The popularity of the title has soared so fast that it has managed to reach the second place of the biggest launches on PS5 in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the game has not (yet) succeeded in dethroning the very popular Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moralesreleased a few days before the PS5 itself.

Two-thirds of players have already been fooled on the price

Just like him, Horizon Forbidden West comes in two versions: the PS4 Edition and the PS5 Optimized Edition. Long before its launch, the game had been talked about a lot, for better or for worse. A controversy was then born, concerning the price difference for the PS4 version and the PS5 version. Sony then backtracked, offering the next-gen update for free to anyone who bought the PS4 version.

While this was great news for anyone who hadn’t been able to get their hands on a PS5 yet, but was planning to do so soon, it ultimately appears the decision had little impact on player behavior. Indeed, 68% of them still chose to buy the standard PS5 version, also compatible on PS4, for 10 euros more, even though it offers exactly the same content as the old-gen version. coupled with the free update. A situation that could have worked in favor of the players, if only they had paid attention to this detail.

A hot start, but less than the first game

According to statistics reported by, in the UK, the game sold almost half as much as Pokémon Legends Arceus, released a month earlier on Nintendo Switch. It also sold 35% less than the very first opus. Horizon Zero Dawn, released in 2017 on PS4 exclusively. Despite the high expectation for this sequel, considerably greater than at the time, the chaotic launches of recent months and the lack of PS5 on the market have surely influenced these sales downwards.

However, nothing is yet decided for the game, which we personally loved, the proof is in this complete test. Its visibility, as well as the large number of good reviews, should boost the popularity ofHorizon Forbidden West on the long term.

I take advantage of the offer on Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 and PS5

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