Don’t wait to take advantage of 15% off the new Xbox Series controller!

As it is always practical to have several controllers at home, why not give in to this nice 15% reduction on an Xbox controller?

Whether you have an Xbox console, or a computer, or both, it’s always handy to have two (or more) controllers at home. This allows you to play with several people in order to have a console evening in winter or to have a controller for the console, and another on the computer. In short, come and take advantage of this promotion on the Xbox controller at Cdiscount for € 50.99 instead of € 59.99 using the code 15GAMER (-15%).

Take advantage of the offer on Cdiscount

One Xbox controller to rule them all

More and more media are compatible with the Xbox controller and for good reason, integration is much easier for developers. Sony controller programs are mostly more complicated to integrate.

Over the years, Xbox controllers have become compatible with computers and recently, with smartphones. Indeed, cloud gaming services have really evolved allowing you to play from anywhere as long as you are equipped with an internet connection and a controller.

Moreover, this promotion concerns, as its name suggests, the controller designed for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but it is beautiful is well compatible with the Xbox One, computers and smartphones. The latter can easily be connected using a Bluetooth connection.

On top of that, you can play it with the Stadia cloud gaming service. You will simply have to connect it again via Bluetooth and then synchronize it with Google’s cloud gaming service to be able to use it.

The directional keys are replaced by a pad which is of course more ergonomic. In short, with such a controller at such a price, it would be a shame to go without. As a reminder, the Xbox controller is currently in Cdiscount promotion at a price of € 50.99 instead of € 59.99 using the code 15GAMER (-15%).

Take advantage of the offer on Cdiscount

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