Donut-shaped UFO discovered in Switzerland

Big discovery in the Swiss skies on November 8. While the Endeavor capsule brought back four astronauts from SpaceX, a photographer in Zurich spotted a glowing object.


What does the discovered object look like and what are the opinions of the active astronauts on the matter?

A surprising discovery of a UFO in Switzerland

The day of November 8, 2021 has entered the history of Switzerland and of world space science. Today marks the discovery of a UFO by a professional photographer from Zurich. Active on Twitter under the handle @ Eavix1Eavix, the latter pointed his camera in the skies and took several photos.

He describes the object found as a donut-shaped UFO made up of several bright blue concentric rings. For this surprising shot, the photographer thought he would see Space X’s Endeavor capsule, which was making its official comeback. Its mission that night was to bring back four astronauts who had spent 200 days on the international space station.

the Daily Mail had even broadcast strange photos in an overview of the observations of the capsule. Except that the photographer was going to discover a reality of the most surprising in his pictures.



Some problems raised by the discovery of the photographer

As Endeavor crashed into Swiss soil, HAE splashed across the Gulf of Mexico. While observers from Louisiana and other neighboring states spotted the craft, it was impossible for the Swiss to follow suit. Marco Langbroek, a satellite tracker mentioned the lack of illumination by the sun to justify this phenomenon.

According to him, “any passage over Switzerland before landing that night would have been completely in the shadow of the Earth”. Still with a view to providing more clarification, this scientist is also looking into the discovery of the UFO. He estimates that the donut-shaped object discovered would be a blurry image of a bright star.

However, other images released by photographer @ Eavix1Eavix show a zigzag trail of light behind the UFO. Marco Langbroek assumes that these models are the result of the movements of the camera used by the professional. For Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, it is possible that the UFO was the top stage of a used rocket.

It thus refers to the tallest small section of a rocket used to propel the craft into orbit. Only, without a time stamp, it is difficult to relate mysterious lights to a known object in the sky. Whether it is a rocket, a star or some other object, the UFO discovered still keeps a good number of mysteries.


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