Doogee V10 Vs Doogee V20

Doogee V10 Vs Doogee V20

The Dodgee brand is renowned for its rugged phones. The popular V lineup until now had the Dodgee V10 as its main gem. It is now succeeded by the Dodgee V20 which incorporates new technologies. Even if it will be an improvement of the V10, the two nevertheless keep some points in common.



On the performance side, both rugged phones are equipped with octa-core processors for an optimal experience. The sensor fingerprint is always of the lateral type. The selfie camera of 16 MP as well as the fast charging unit of 33 W have not changed. The V10 and V20 both are NFC compatible with support for the same number of frequencies. Also, the IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810 certifications are valid for both phones. However, the V20 is not an identical reproduction of the V10. Several characteristics differentiate them.

Unique characteristics

It is possible to take body temperature with the V10. It is in fact designed with a infrared thermometer based on the integrated thermal imaging laser rangefinder. The V20 throws a lot more with a screen 1.05 inch in back. This second screen displays the time and even notifications when the phone is tilted face-up.

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The V20 adopts a Samsung AMOLED display of 6.43 inch and a resolution of 2 K. With its dimensions of 20: 9, it can display 16 million colors for a brightness ratio of 80,000: 1. While the V20 is one of the first rugged phones to adopt an AMOLED display, that of the V10 is rather common.

The latter is equipped with a 6.39-inch Corning Gorilla Glass LCD display with a 19: 9 ratio between height and width. The screen of the V10 can display a maximum brightness of 500nit for a resolution of 720 × 1560.


The battery of the V20 has a power 6000mAh much lower than that of the V10 which is 8500mAh. But this big difference does not affect the autonomy. Indeed, the V20 adopts an AMOLED screen and is equipped with a more rational power management system. The smaller battery of the V20 also gives it a good lightness. By cable, the power of the fast charge is 33 W for both phones. But for wireless charging, the V20 can support up to 15 W vs 10 W for V10.


Both phones have a triple camera module. The V20 takes the upper hand with a main camera of 64 MP vs 48 MP for V10. Two other 20 MP cameras for night vision and 8 MP for wide-angle complete the V20’s photo block. The resolutions of the wide-angle and macro cameras of the V10 are respectively 8 MP and 2 MP.


V20 adopts fast storage 256 GB UFS2.2 much wider than that of the V10 which is 128 GB. That’s more storage space for media files, apps, and games. RAM memory is 8GB for both smartphones.

We can say that the Dodgee V20 is the worthy successor of V10. The official launch date is not yet known. But, lucky users can already win the V20 for free by trying their hand at the current game on the official Dodgee website.

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