DOOM II co-creator creates level to help Ukraine war effort

DOOM II co-creator creates level to help Ukraine war effort

The owners of DOOM II can immediately acquire a new level designed by the game’s co-creator John Romero. All funds raised will be donated to organizations working to support Ukrainians in this time of war.

Without leaving home, except through virtual windows, the impact of the war in Ukraine can be seen in sectors that we would mistakenly think are disconnected from this reality. Video game studios based in Ukraine or with colleagues or family in this country are thus impacted. In general, solidarity has been observed for several days now internationally in order to provide support to a bombarded Ukrainian people.

Among these supporting forces is John Romero. who had contributed to the development of DOOM II has just added a new paying level, and the funds raised will be donated in full to the Red Cross and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.

John Romero returns to add content to DOOM II 28 years later

As the description of this level on John Romero’s official site indicates, he hadn’t created anything for DOOM II since the initial release of the game in 1994. The creator thus emerges from 28 years of relative inactivity.

“One Humanity is the first level of DOOM II created by Romero since the original game was released in 1994. The .WAD file contains a readme text file as well as external mod data. Players must have an original copy of DOOM II and a modern source port to play One Humanity. »

The “One Humanity” level costs 5 euros all round. In the context in which it is published, its intrinsic quality will clearly not be considered in the same way as content sold for purely commercial purposes. And who knows? Depending on the reception of his new work, John Romero may be tempted to provide even more additional content for older DOOM. A video posted on YouTube shows a player defeating This Humanity in about twenty minutes and in conditions that we would describe as… robust.

Source: John Romero’s website (via VGC)

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