Doom’s Doom Slayer in Fortnite: Rumor or Reality?

A meeting place of several superheroes and characters from films or manga, Fortnite is a very exciting game. Regularly, famous personalities are added to it to attract more attention from gamers. As a prelude to the next episode of the game, here is the update on the rumors concerning the arrival of Doom Slayer.

A partnership between Microsoft and Bethesda

After Spider-Man arrives in Fortnite, an awesome new character could be added to the game in the next season. This is the Doom Slayer commando developed by Id Software, a game studio belonging to the American firm Microsoft. It is in this wake that Nikk and Jeff Grubb evoked the discussions led by the latter and Epic Games. However, there is no indication that the two companies have reached a licensing agreement since information about their meeting has not been disclosed.

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Fortnite: a game that retains a good audience

The Fortnite series continues to have a good following since its launch. Currently in the third chapter, the game has an impressive number of views on Twitch (1 billion hours). With this impressive potential, it occupies a prominent place in “the ranking of the most viewed categories and games”. The strength of the series lies in the multiple collaborations and proven game systems with its partners in the market.

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