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Having insurance covering professional risks is more than recommended. With this in mind, Health Insurance or Ameli makes its online insurance platform available to employees, the self-employed and people without professional activities. What are the different features of the Ameli platform? Find out all about it below.

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Release 17.3.5 | Health Insurance Developer | Updated on 07/01/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

How to access your Ameli account?

Ameli app is available on Google App Store as well as App Store. To log in to the application, you will be asked to:

  • Dial the first 13 digits of your social security number
  • Dial your personal code or a temporary 4-digit code

Connection to the Ameli account by biometric authentication

Most current smartphones have a security system based on biometric recognition. Thanks to this system, you no longer need to enter a code to connect to your Ameli account. All you have to do is enter this authentication mode in the application settings.

Renewal of a code for your Ameli account

You may have forgotten or lost your code. It happens. The Ameli application allows you to recover or change it by clicking on “I forgot my code”. The platform will then ask you to enter your email address linked to your account. You will receive a provisional code by email. Do not hesitate to go to your spam box to verify that the code has been sent.

The Ameli app dashboard

This application dashboard allows you to have an overview of:

  • Your messages
  • The notifications
  • Payments made over a period of 6 months
  • The different approaches
  • Information about you
  • The documents provided
  • The next appointment scheduled with your CPAM
  • The health directory
  • Terminals available

Consultation of payments on the Ameli application

On the Health Insurance application, you can easily consult your health reimbursements. You can also check their transmission to your complementary health insurance. In the event that you have payments to send to your complementary health insurance, the application allows you to do so by checking the box associated with it. You will then be able to download these payments and send them to your complementary health insurance provider for reimbursement.

Services available on the Ameli app

Thanks to the Ameli application, your procedures are greatly simplified. You will be able to:

  • Order your Carte Vitale for yourself or another eligible person. You will need to present, in digital format, a photo and a valid identity document.
  • Order an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) for you or for your children. The digital version of this map can be found in the “Information” section.
  • Make a declaration of loss of Carte Vitale or EHIC card. You can oppose it and apply for a new card later.
  • Make a consultation of your work stoppages, whether for illness, work accident or even for a commuting accident.
  • Register the birth of your child. By doing so, you allow your newborn to be registered on your Carte Vitale. Healing will also be taken into account more quickly.
  • Register a child on the other parent’s Carte Vitale. For this, you will need the social security number of the other parent with their date of birth as well as a digital version of the child’s birth certificate.
  • Change name by entering your new name. In case of marriage, a marriage certificate or a family booklet in digital format will be requested.
  • A simulation of social assistance rights to find out if you can benefit from supplementary solidarity health assistance.
  • Ask for complementary health insurance for people who are beneficiaries of the RSA. The application will request the CAF beneficiary number, confirmation or modification of the composition of the household as well as the choice of the organization managing the complementary health insurance.
  • Make the declaration of an accident caused by a third party, by providing you with an accident questionnaire. This will facilitate the reimbursement by the insurance company of the various costs caused by your accident.

The list of available services regarding your information

The Ameli application allows you to find all the useful information about yourself or your children. You can thus find information about the attending physician, the postal address, the complementary health insurance, the email address, the telephone numbers, the bank details, etc.

The list of documents accessible via the Ameli application

The Ameli application allows you to have access to several of your official documents. You can thus have access to:

  • Your history of monthly reimbursement statements for your care. This history can go back up to 27 months.
  • Your certificate of rights or certificate of full third-party payment
  • Your certificate of payment of daily allowances
  • Your tax statement, necessary when filing your income tax return

Other useful features of the Ameli app

The application also provides you with two options that can be essential. There is the messaging system to ask questions to your health insurance fund 24 hours a day, as well as the health directory to find a doctor who suits you. The Ameli platform also allows you to find an automatic health insurance terminal to update your Carte Vitale or to print your certificates.

Our opinion on the Ameli app

Ameli is a free application for smartphone and tablet. It exists on Android and iOS and is presented there under its full name: Améli, l’Assurance Maladie. Under iOS, the app ranks sixth in the “fitness and health” category. The online service has generally positive feedback from its users. The platform has a good rating, both on the App Store and on the Google Play Store. Its handling is quite easy and almost intuitive.

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