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Available from the App Store and the Google Play Store, the CAF application can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. The app is the most secure and convenient way for the user to access their information. The user can thus download his payment certificates or consult the messages sent by his family allowance fund.

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Developer National Family Allowance Fund | Updated on 01/13/2022

Manage personal information

On the CAF application, the user can consult his profile and modify it if necessary. He can thus find his family situation there (married, divorced, single, widower, etc.). Indeed, when a person moves in with another person, even under the regime of cohabitation, he must declare this state to the CAF via his platform. Without this declaration, CAF is entitled to claim an overpayment which may be substantial. The same applies to people who live under the PACS (Civil Solidarity Pact) or marriage regime.

If the two people are both recipients, their files are pooled under the same number. From the month following the beginning of their life together, their rights are recalculated taking into account the new family situation and the respective resources.

What about the professional situation (active, unemployed, in professional retraining, etc.)? The CAF calculates the amount of aid based on the income, the family situation, but also the professional situation of each member of the recipient’s household. If the information transmitted to the institution is incomplete, inaccurate or received late, the calculation of the beneficiary’s rights may be incorrect. He may not be able to benefit from all the benefits to which he is entitled or, on the contrary, aid may be paid to him wrongly and he will be obliged to reimburse them.

The payment of French family benefits is subject to a condition of residence of the parents and children in France for a period of more than 3 months. A stay outside France of more than three months or during the same calendar year is a valid reason for terminating the payment of family benefits.

The beneficiary is informed in real time of any change concerning his rights and his payments. An email warns him that new information is to be consulted on the CAF application. He no longer needs to wait to receive a letter from CAF to update his file. The user will directly receive essential information on his file to inform him of an important deadline for the pursuit of his rights. CAF can contact him more quickly than by post to send him useful information for the management of his file and his benefits.

The CAF application also allows you to make a declaration of pregnancy or the arrival of a newborn.

The possible steps on the CAF application

Administrative procedures are simplified thanks to the CAF application. The user can thus:

  • Follow the progress of the steps taken on He can also be informed at each connection or via push notifications in case elements are missing.
  • Answer CAF questions in the “My procedures” section and attach the requested supporting documents directly from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Make quarterly declarations in the case of beneficiaries of the RSA or activity bonus.
  • Consult and/or declare its resources. This will be useful for housing benefits.
  • The application allows students to make their statements directly there.
  • Declare school certificates, for 16-18 year olds, and thus benefit from the back-to-school allowance.
  • Reimburse a debt to the CAF, in one or more installments.
  • Download the certificates and statements of CAF account.

Facilitate exchanges

The user can find his letters, emails, statements as well as his various exchanges with CAF in a single section. He will have the possibility to receive notifications in case of new messages.

Consultation of payments on the CAF application

The user can quickly access his last 10 payments with dates and amounts, by browsing his history. It can thus be traced back to the last 24 months. These installments can be downloaded in PDF format on a mobile device.

CAF account management

From the CAF application, the user can also manage his account. He can thus give delegation to his spouse or even modify his password, among other things.

Our opinion on the CAF application

The CAF application provides simple, practical and secure access to information relating to the user’s beneficiary file. In order not to be considered invasive, the application asks the user for permission to access their files to allow them to attach supporting documents when necessary. The authorization request also extends to the state of the Wi-Fi network to check the connection status of the device and avoid any error.

The platform is very concerned with the security and respect of the user’s personal data. Thus, to connect, the user will have to use his social security number as well as his personal password. Its interface remains pleasant, as well as its handling. It is not for nothing that one recipient out of two uses it.

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