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Do you have a little peck or want a good kitchen? You have surely already placed an order to have a good meal delivered to your home or office. Home meal delivery has been booming for several years now, but even more so since the Covid 19 pandemic. Deliveroo is one of the major players in this field. Alongside its competitors Uber Eats and Just Eat, the brand has long been on the podium. Discover all the features of its application.

Deliveroo: your restaurants delivered Android


Download Deliveroo: your restaurants delivered for Android

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Release 3.86.0 | Developer Deliveroo | Updated on 07/02/2022

Requirements: 6.0 or later

Deliveroo, what is it?

One of the leaders in the home meal delivery market

It is an international giant when it comes to online food reservations. This service was founded in 2013 by an American called Will Shu and its offers are constantly growing until now. Today, its application is one of the most downloaded on the Food section.

It is one of the most popular delivery platforms in France, and even in the world. In 2021, almost 45% of French people consider Deliveroo to be one of the best apps for getting food served at home. It has a thousand partner restaurants scattered all over France, particularly in France.

One of the first delivery services on the market

You might think that Deliveroo is a food ordering-delivery app like there are several out there right now. In fact, it is one of the first in this sector to have really broken through. She promises to deliver your dish to you in 30 minutes flat, whether you are in your room, at the office or in a park.

Indeed, there will always be a small restaurant or a large sign near where you are at the moment. Moreover, with its many partners, the app reveals a well-stocked menu that would make some of its competitors blush. So, whether you are a fan of fast foods: Burger, Pizza, Sushi, Tacos or a fan of high gastronomy and certain starred places, enjoy a moment of quiet tasting while staying at home.

Exclusive deliveries

Deliveroo has the exclusivity to deliver the dishes of several brands such as Carrefour, Sushi shop or Picard. For the latter, and given the control of the platform, the delivery time is less than 10 minutes, which is a revolution in the field.

How it works ?

To put it simply, you have a mobile application that will allow you to order. Then, a courier will receive a notification and give you your due. Finally, all you have to do is enjoy the dish.

Order via mobile app

Deliveroo works through an application available on iOS and Android. It is precisely this intuitive, yet practical aspect that made the company take off in its early days. This is like a kind of online server and allows you to order your next dish via a list of restaurants near you. Menu, rating system or delivery time, everything is done through your phone and in the simplest way.

Refine your choice

In order to place an order, you can choose what type of food you would prefer to eat. You can choose between many specialties. Among other things, you will have the choice between oriental dishes, those a little spicy, a simple sandwich or French cuisine. The list is longer or shorter depending on your region. Once you have determined the type of dish you want to taste, place on the menu.

You are entitled to a well-stocked possibility depending on where you are located. Those in town will normally have more choice given the number of multinationals and businesses nearby. However, there are a good number of good restaurants all over France.

Rate and recommend your favorite restaurants

To help you choose, apart from information related to the dishes in question, the developers of the application also offer a rating system. This will serve as a place of recommendation or a wall of criticism, depending on the customer’s experience. In addition, you will have the distance that separates you from the restaurant and an estimate of the delivery time.

wait for delivery

Once your order is ready, proceed to payment. Nearby couriers will deliver it to its destination. You will also be able to follow the dish online. If you are a new customer, delivery costs will be free for the first two weeks. Ditto if you subscribe to the Deliveroo Plus offer, a monthly subscription. Otherwise, charges will range from 0.49 to 5.49 euros per trip depending on the distance that separates you from the restaurant.

Download Deliveroo

The principle is simple with Deliveroo. Just download its APK file from App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your device. Then proceed to the step of creating an account. As soon as it is done, you will have to enter your address to find the restaurants a few minutes from your home. You can place an order from your smartphone and wait for delivery on your couch or in your office. After a few minutes, you will get a notification that your dish is ready. Through the miniature map on your screen, you can follow the delivery person’s movement until he arrives at your doorstep.

Create an account on Deliveroo

To create a user account, simply go to register via the application. To do this, install it if you haven’t already. You will need to enter your email address and your mobile number for confirmation. Then, all you have to do is follow the few remaining steps that will be proposed to you.

How to become a deliverer on Deliveroo

In order to be a delivery person, apart from your registration on the site, all you will need at the start is:

  • To have the legal status of self-employed person. So, you will need a SIRET number as well as your Kbis extract.
  • You must also provide your equipment: bicycle, motorbike or other means of transport that follows the Highway Code. A license will be required if you decide to deliver by scooter.
  • Finally, you will need a recent smartphone that runs either Android or iOS.

New Items on Deliveroo

Home Restaurant : to help restaurants improve their turnover: In its application, the platform has highlighted the habits of consumers in order to allow restaurants to have more recipes. Thus, these establishments have statistics such as the number of times a customer eats at home or the online delivery order rate.

Velicious Burger for nature lovers : If you are an ardent defender of the environment, then this offer is made for you. As a result, you will have packaging that respects the carbon cost since they are biodegradable. If you are vegan, vegetarian or want to do your part in saving our planet, try the Velicious Burger.

All-round partners : Deliveroo’s partners are more and more numerous. As a result, the type of dishes you can eat also increases. African, Lebanese, Japanese specialties, poké bowls or even mixes between all that, you will be served. For the curious, why not try the ‘Hot Noodles and Sexy Curry’ offering which will make your taste buds jump. It is a fusion between Indian cuisine and Thai gastronomy.

Suggestions based on your habits : The application memorizes your consumption habits: type of favorite dish or favorite restaurants and will offer you more. So, if you’re in a hurry, you won’t waste too much time making your choice and you’ll eat faster.

Benefits of the Deliveroo app

Among the most notable advantages of the application, note its taste for high-end restaurants, but also its ergonomic interface.

Quality service and food : Deliveroo prefers restaurants to fast food and it’s a fact, even if it is in partnership with giants like McDonald’s or KFC. So, if you rather want to enjoy a relatively gourmet dish than junk foods, it would be wise to opt for this application. The direct consequence of this choice is the price which increases a little compared to its competitors.

Intuitive interface : Its interface is also easy to handle. All options are directly visible on the home page. Thus, when you are connected to the app, you will first have recommendations for dishes and restaurants nearby.

For restaurateurs, the advantage also lies in the tools made available to them. Indeed, the algorithm proposes customer data. The Editions offer helps them in particular to find a new location if necessary or to suggest menus and price ranges. This has already enabled Deliveroo’s partner services to increase their turnover by around 30%.

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