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In a few years, Doctolib has become one of the most recommended e-health software in France. Today, nearly 300,000 practitioners entrust it with “the management of their practice”. The number of registered users on this website amounts to more than fifty million users. It is a platform for linking health professionals and their patients.

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Release 3.4.8 | Developer Doctolib | Updated on 02/25/2022

Requirements: 6.0 or later

The benefit goes both ways. The doctor will be able to easily access his diary on it and add some modifications to it without having to contact the person being treated. He will be able to follow the progress of his activity and detect appointments. The patient is free to make or cancel his appointment online. He will receive automatic notifications by SMS or email as a reminder.

What is Doctolib used for?

The application is a real lever in the field of health, both doctors and individuals will be able to benefit from its advantages.

For doctors

Developed in 2013, Doctolib is an app designed to facilitate the management of its patients. With a non-binding monthly subscription, the doctor can take advantage of several offers. The basic service allows you to manage your availability calendar. It also includes an instant messaging platform between professionals.

By creating a Doctolib Pro account, the practitioner will benefit from a diary for his personal organization and an automatic alert system for his appointments. The tool accompanies the doctors in the execution of their tasks. The application saves the patient’s medical and administrative records so that only their treating party can access them.

Finally, the doctor can improve his communication strategy thanks to an attractive profile on the site and by specifying his specialties or his tariff.

For Patients

Thanks to the service, they will be able to make or modify the appointment with the doctor of their choice. Moreover, in France in 2021, several million appointments were scheduled during the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

Patients will be notified by email and SMS if the appointment has to be postponed or if their treating professional is a little late. They will also be able to share their opinions on the performance of a particular doctor. Whether favorable or not, each of them can express themselves on Doctolib.

How to use the Doctolib application?

The use of Doctolib changes depending on whether you are a practitioner or a patient.

For practitioners

– Create an account on Doctolib Pro

To register as a doctor on Doctolib,

  • You will need to access the interface dedicated to the professional
  • Press the menu “Are you a healthcare professional?” »
  • Then, you will be asked to fill out a registration form.
  • Fill in your specialty (general practitioner, dentist, gynecologist, etc.)
  • Finalize everything by pressing “Discover Doctolib Pro”

– Subscription to Doctolib

The subscription amounts to 129 euros per month in the event of annual payment for practitioners. The latter can take advantage of all the services with the exception of teleconsultation which requires an additional forty euros.

For Patients

– Create a “patient” account

Here are the different steps to follow to create a new account as a patient on Doctolib:

  • Press the “Connect” button at the top right of your screen
  • Choose “Register”
  • Enter your personal information (full name, date of birth, an operational telephone number with the country code, a functional email address) in order to receive a 3-digit validation code
  • Create a secure password
  • Check the box that asks you to accept the terms and conditions for using the site
  • Press “Register” again
  • Confirm your identity by correctly writing the authentication code that you will receive by email

Your account is now active.

Make an appointment with your attending physician

To arrange an appointment with a doctor on the app, simply click on “Make your appointment online”. Then, look at the availability calendar of the desired practitioner and select the consultation location. Do not forget to fill in the reason among those by default on the site. Please note, if the reason you are looking for is not displayed on the platform, you will have to contact your firm directly.

Now, fix the slot that suits you according to the choices offered. Go to “See more schedules” to see the free schedules during the day and on the small arrow on the right to consult the other days of the week. Afterwards, you will be redirected to your account if you already have one, otherwise the software will ask you to create one.

The last step is to confirm the appointment. Answer the question “Who are you making this appointment for?” You can select “For me” if it’s about you or “Add a relative” if it’s for someone else. Remember to fill in the patient’s information if you are on your computer. For mobile applications, there is no need to do this step if you have already done it beforehand.

Press “Confirm appointment” for it to be validated. You will receive a confirmation email a few seconds later. Be careful, you only have 15 minutes to finalize the appointment. Otherwise, it will be available again and another person may fix it.

Access personal history

Doctolib saves a list of your appointments to facilitate the follow-up of your care. Just go to the “My appointments” menu at the top right of the screen and you will have all the details.

Features available on Doctolib Pro

Patient : this is the name of the software made available to the practitioner to follow the management of his appointments. It is similar to a tailor-made diary where the doctor can access the patient’s profile.

D Doctor : it is a tool for intelligent document management and task automation for practitioners. With this offer, the professional can back up patient files to the cloud. It also allows patients to be welcomed online and billed for their care. The doctor will therefore be able to optimize his working time thanks to this tool. He can access medical records, histories and observations easily. He can also use it to share prescriptions with all of his patients. This software is very useful for specialists since there are functionalities adapted according to their chosen field.

D-Team : this is an instant messaging service included in the Pro offer. It is intended for health professionals and accessible whether on tablet, smartphone or computer. Thus, doctors can securely share documents with each other. They can also get in touch to start a collaborative discussion for the care of a patient.

D Teleconsultation : this is software that allows practitioners to perform a remote video consultation. Most ? The exchange is secure and doctors can share documents with each other directly. Thanks to this function, patients will no longer have to travel to the office for regular follow-ups.

D Reader : vsis the doctor billing service on Doctolib. This option allows you to quickly transmit patient care sheets. Moreover, it even works in offline mode. You can see CNAM news and regulations on it. It is easy to understand since it has a Terminal Carte Vitale or Professional Health Card and a mobile interface to facilitate online payment. Doctors can perform a quotation and create care sheets from the platform.

D Vaccination : it is the ideal tool for organizing consultations with a view to vaccination. Online appointments are set according to the dose of vaccine still available. Patients will be directly classified by age and according to their pathology to meet the eligibility criteria. It allows doctors to regularly monitor the number of people who are immunized.

D Hospital : this is a service dedicated to hospitals. Patients will benefit from an accelerated pre-admission procedure. Thus, they will be able to complete their online form from their account and add the necessary supporting documents.

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