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They say curiosity is a bad thing. However, when you hear human screams in your neighbor’s basement and the latter looks suspicious, how not to act? Isn’t the best thing to do to do everything to discover the secret of this neighbor across the street? This is exactly the plot of Hello Neighbor, a survival horror tangled on a background of infiltration. The game was expected and acclaimed long before its release. Nonetheless, it had mixed reviews from critics upon release. What is it really?

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Notes: ★★★★ (413434 votes) | Adventure

Release 1.0 | tinyBuild Developer | Updated on 10/18/2021

Requirements: 6.0 or later

What is Hello Neighbor?

Hello Neighbor is a game published by tinyBuild and developed by Dynamic Pixels. Released in 2017 on Xbox One and Windows, the title is played in solo and in first person for a total immersion of the player. Several hours of play spread over three main acts await you in this opus combining enigma, survival and fear. The title is also available on the PS4, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch as well as on mobile (Android and iOS).

The principle of the game

Hello Neighbor is a survival horror and stealth game. Your objective is to reach your neighbor’s basement. As an aspiring teenage detective, you want to know his “horrible secret”. For this, the player must immerse himself in the scenery and face several obstacles. Through the maps, you will discover mainly two houses. A small one for the first and a larger house for the second.

This is a graphic cartoon-esque horror game set in a 60s America. pure horror. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re bound to get cold feet at times. The soundtrack is also immersive, especially during the phases when the neighbor starts chasing you.

Your goal, as a budding detective, is to infiltrate the neighbor’s house in order to interfere in his basement and discover his “terrible secret”. To achieve this, you will have a range of actions available in order to interact with your environment. At the same time, lots of objects will be useful to you: from the lid of a trash can through a crowbar, a flashlight and many others. By playing it, and to achieve your goal, you can hide, escape or even sneak into your neighbor’s house.

Hello Neighbor puts together puzzles, searches for clues and sometimes a little action when it comes to running away. Suffice to say that everything has been done to make this opus an epic thriller that you will remember.

Easy-to-learn gameplay

Hello Neighbor’s gameplay is very easy to pick up, regardless of the platform you are going to play on. On console, you have an easy-to-maneuver protagonist. Actions such as crouching, running or even hiding are done in one click. As for the mobile versions, the gameplay remains fluid. The game can be played anywhere without you needing a particular platform.

A unique experience per player

Far from the clichés of games that offer the same story to everyone, Hello Neighbor offers you your own story as a mini detective.

All your choices affect the rest of the story

Hello Neighbor is from the family of these games in which all your actions influence the rest of the story. Indeed, the story changes according to your choices, the door you will open or the area of ​​​​the home that you will explore. If you decide to enter, for example, through the main door and your neighbor surprises you, he can barricade his door. Thus, you will no longer be able to sneak in through this entrance. Another player who hasn’t made the same mistake as you will have a different experience and that’s what makes the difference with this opus.

An increasingly intelligent AI

In this game, your main adversary, and the only one, will be your neighbor. The latter is not stupid like most video game bots and there all the difference. Indeed, he learns from his mistakes and will always do what is necessary so that you cannot discover what he is hiding. Just like you, he will gain experience over the course of your encounters.

As a result, each time you get caught in his house, the game will get more complicated. Were you caught in the kitchen or in a bedroom? These two places could be locked during your next visit and this aspect makes the title lively and interactive.

The game is cross-platform since you can play it on PlayStation 4 (Playstation Street), Xbox (Microsoft Store), Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Shop), Windows PC or even Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). It is therefore relatively easy to get it depending on the platform you have.

Have more items at your disposal

In Hello Neighbor, you can take up to 4 objects simultaneously on each of your escapades. Do you know that there is a method to keep an item and prevent your inventory from being filled? For that, you just have to hide it quietly at home. You take it back next time when you really need it.

Whenever your neighbor catches you snooping around their territory, they will try to stop you. So you risk restarting the game. So, so that you don’t get caught by your mysterious neighbor, here are some tips.

Be unpredictable in your plans : Your actions must be unpredictable. Immerse yourself in the decor and use the objects that surround you. Do not retry the traps before since your neighbor becomes more and more intelligent.

Always close behind you : This is not just a rule of politeness. Indeed, your opponent is always on the lookout for his house. He is also very intelligent and will know for sure that there is an intruder in his home if a door opens for no reason. So, from now on, have the reflex of closing the doors each time you enter a new room.

Return home as soon as possible : In the game, your neighbor will be able to run after you when he has spotted you. The chase has its limits: it can’t hurt you if you’re in your home. So get it right now that the safest place is in your home. Use this to your advantage and rush home every time your screen goes black from now on.

Locate yourself in your neighbor’s house : The first rule when entering a maze is to find landmarks. In this house, make sure you have some as well. Whether it’s a closet that’s relatively different from the others or a bed you can hide under, look for these landmarks. So, in case of need, you will already know what you are going to do next.

Throw things at him : When you see your screen go black and with scary music, know that your neighbor is necessarily very close to your position. When this happens, run as fast as you can. If your feet aren’t enough, use your hands and throw things at him. Make sure, however, that these are no longer of any use to you at the risk of regretting and getting stuck later.

Good reflexes on Hello Neighbor

To succeed in this game, you have to adopt some reflexes and good logic. Here is what you should keep in mind during the game:

– The neighbor cannot follow you to your property : The neighbor does not have the right to encroach on your property. So in case of distress, you can quickly run home. Nevertheless, he will do everything possible to block your way.

– Find the red key and the green one : To advance in the game, you will need the red and green keys. So remember to spot them at every opportunity.

– Pick up even items that seem useless to you : Always keep the items you pick up on the way, even when you don’t yet know what it’s for. Who knows, he might still serve you inside.

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