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Would you like to pay your taxes more easily and flexibly? It is to help you achieve this that the General Directorate of Public Finances has designed the Impots.gouv application. Thanks to it, you will fulfill your legal obligations and you will know your tax status in a few clicks. You will no longer have to travel or undergo all these administrative formalities. Focus on this application which will be very useful in your life as a citizen.

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Notes: ★★★ (19590 votes) | finance

Version 3.4 | Developer Directorate General of Public Finances | Updated on 01/02/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

What is that ?

To put it simply, this is the application created by the Government which will give you the possibility of paying your taxes. Set up after the eponymous official site, it will facilitate the relationship you will have with your tax obligations. The platform will allow you, among other things, to consult your administrative documents. Do you want to file your tax return soon or would you like information on your property taxes? This happens on Impots.gouv.

Since the administration is already in the era of digitalization, you will also be able to pay your taxes directly thanks to it. Finally, you will have a history of your recent transactions as well as access to your citizen profile.

With Impots.gouv, you have a whole range of options. By downloading the application, you will save yourself hours of waiting and going back and forth to pay your taxes.

A simple to use and easy to support app

Impots.gouv is an easy-to-use application. Indeed, the interface has just had a redesign. This has facilitated its appearance by making it accessible to all, just read the name of the various headings. Thus, once you go to identify yourself, you will have fluid and ergonomic options. The service has been specially designed so that in a few clicks, you are directly directed to the menu of your choice. Available on both smartphone (Android and iOS) and tablet, its handling remains simple, regardless of the medium.

You will only have 5 options at the home screen level and if any of them require special attention, you will have a notification in red like on social networks.

What can I do with it?

After you log in to the application, you will have the 5 main menus directly. These are the sections:

  • Documents
  • Payments
  • Withholding tax
  • Automatic declaration
  • Profile

Consulting your tax documents

By clicking on “Documents”, you can view all of your tax documents. This is convenient since all your files are centralized and at your fingertips. You will no longer need to search through lots of paperwork in state offices. Instead, you can directly download these documents in PDF format. Thus, you will be able to pay your housing tax or make your tax return via your smartphone. It should be noted that you will be able to consult all of your tax documents if they are at least three (3) years old.

Verification of your deductions at source

You then have the “Withholding tax” menu which is dedicated to the payment of your income tax. This is an option that will allow you to see the rate of direct debits you will be subject to. Here, the method of contribution changes according to your personal situation: employee, self-employed or even retired. Without the app, you’ll have to figure out where exactly some of your earnings will be sent from. Thanks to Impots.gouv, a few clicks will suffice to check the deductions. All you have to do is prepare yourself financially.

To pay your taxes

This is the most consequent advantage of this application. Indeed, pay your royalties directly to the company via your smartphone or tablet. To do this, simply click on the “Payments” menu. Note that only people with a bank account established in the countries that make up the SEPA zone will be able to pay their taxes online. Are you going to contribute for the first time in this way? To do this, you will need to access your private space. Then complete the form on the internet, in particular with your bank details.

If you have already performed the action on the application before, you will simply have to give the payment order and your information will be pre-filled directly.

The question of the tax return

As a complementary option to the previous one, you can click on the “Income declaration” menu to declare your income tax. This action is done very quickly (in a few seconds) if your profile has not been updated recently. You will be able to check a pre-filled form with all your personal information. If you have just changed your tax status, you will have to go directly to

Did someone say auto-report?

The tax declaration can be done automatically in certain cases and in particular if you have not modified any information recently. To do this ;

  • You will need to install Impots.gouv and identify yourself to your particular space.
  • Then, you will have to flash your tax number. If you don’t know what it is, it’s on the left column of the first page of your tax notice.
  • Then press “Auto-declaration”
  • Check the information that will be displayed on the screen
  • Validate
  • You can even download your statement if you wish

Access to payment history

Since the government’s database is quite large, it gives taxpayers access to its payment history. You can consult this summary in the “Withholding tax” section of your private space. Then click the option corresponding to the history of your direct debits. You will then be aware of the amounts deducted by your employer or Pôle Emploi if you are looking for a job. Contributions intended for the State, in particular for households that are subject to down payments, will also be visible here.

Updating your profile

Finally, the “Profile” option allows you to create a user profile. You will need to fill in everything that will be mandatory, such as your title and your postal address, among others. Your personal data will be transmitted to the application. However, don’t worry, they will be safe.

How to register ?

Registration is done quickly, but you need some information including your online access number, your tax number, but also your tax income. For the first, you will be able to see it on your tax return on the first page. It changes every year, so it will need to be updated accordingly. As for your reference income, you will find it on your tax return in the “Reference” section.

If you are not subject to this last tax, you will have to contact the central public finance department to verify your identity. It is also the same procedure in case of absence of the tax number.

Once this information is available to you, choose the email and password with which you wish to affiliate your account. Confirm by clicking on the link that will be sent to you by email that you will receive. There you go, your registration is complete. Then save the credentials for next time.

What are its latest features?

Impots.gouv has several interesting options.

Extended payment terms : Here is some news that may make some taxpayers smile. Indeed, thanks to this application, not only will your payments be simplified, but they will also be subject to more delays. You are not like those who would pay their taxes the traditional way. By using Impots.gouv, you will benefit from a few extra days to contribute to social charges, practical, isn’t it?

Biometric recognition system : With this application, your data will be safe. In addition, the way to connect to Impots.gouv will be easier. Thanks to facial recognition or authentication at the level of your fingerprint, you can identify yourself directly on it. You will then no longer have to enter your tax number and your password each time.

Verification of your automatic declaration : When the tax return campaign opens, you will be able to view it directly. This will be especially possible for those who have completed it correctly.

The English translation : Finally, the latest feature concerns the automatic translation option. You will be able to have an English version of all your tax documents. This is particularly useful if you have ongoing procedures with Anglo-Saxon countries.

What are the opinions on Impots.gouv?

As for its practical and easy-to-use aspect, Impots.gouv has garnered a lot of positive feedback. Nevertheless, the application is often updated in relation to various bugs that may occur. Recently, a good number of taxpayers have found themselves unable to connect to the platform. This would only be a temporary error that has been resolved with the new version of February 1, 2022.

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