Download Just Eat APK free on Android

Download Just Eat APK free on Android

Do you want to order a dish from your favorite restaurant, but don’t necessarily have time to get around? Do you want to discover new dishes without having to move from your couch? Just Eat offers you these possibilities and much more. Find out everything there is to know about the Just Eat app.

Just Eat France - Android Meal Delivery


Download Just Eat France – Meal Delivery for Android

Notes: ★★★

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Release 8.3.0 | Developer | Updated on 01/31/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

What is Just Eat?

Just Eat is an application that offers you to deliver your meals to your home. Whether it’s a great pizza, salad, burger or sushi, just place an order through the app and wait. The brand’s deliverers will collect your dish from one of the many partner restaurants and deliver it to you.

You will be able to choose your dish at McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Planet Sushi, Pizza Hut, Speed ​​Burger, O’Tacos, Subway, Speed ​​Rabbit Pizza, etc. The choice is almost unlimited between the different types of cuisine that the user can find on the application: Chinese, Indian, Italian or even vegetarian cuisine. Dishes will generally take 3 to 45 minutes to reach you.

The benefits of the Just Eat app

The application presents several options which are all advantages. However, we will only mention those which seem to us to be the most relevant for the user:

  • Orders are made in a few clicks. Enter your address or let the app determine where you are, select your dishes and wait for the delivery person to come by.
  • The user can see on a map where his dishes start from.
  • Payment is secure. The customer can pay via credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Bitcoin or cash.
  • If you like a dish or a restaurant, you can recommend it. To do this, simply log into your customer account.
  • To have your restaurants at your fingertips, you can add the app to your widgets.
  • The user benefits from a very wide choice of restaurants, nearly 16,000 partners.
  • The user can also pick up his dish himself. All you have to do is place an order with a restaurateur who offers this possibility.

Some disadvantages encountered on the Just Eat application

The Just Eat app also has a few drawbacks that can spoil the user experience. They are not insurmountable, however, and the ready meal delivery company will surely be able to manage them. The user will thus notice that he cannot follow the delivery person on the map. Regarding restaurants, some dishes sometimes lack description or images. Finally, the delivery times indicated do not always reflect reality.

Just Eat competitors

The food delivery app has some serious competition to contend with. We will thus find:

  • Uber Eats from giant Uber. This application allows you to order without a minimum amount and to follow the progress of the customer’s order. However, the customer does not have the option to pre-order until the restaurant is open. In addition, once the order has been validated, the customer can no longer change the delivery address.
  • Deliveroo has a powerful algorithm that allows optimization of deliveries. The application makes it possible to pre-order from restaurants and to discover original addresses, absent from its competitors. However, the restaurants are not sufficiently described or illustrated.
  • Glovo is a newcomer that has already proven itself in Spain and Latin America. The application does not only offer ready meals, but also shopping from the supermarket, clothes to be dropped off at the dry cleaners or even medicines. Its delivery prices are also correct. However, Glovo is the only one that does not accept restaurant tickets as a means of payment and the rating and review system is not present on the application.

Track your order on Just Eat

Most of the time, users are eager to receive the dishes they have ordered and want to know what stage they are at and, above all, where they are. The Just Eat app has a solution for this problem. For some restaurants, you can track your order from the kitchen to your door using the tool.

For establishments that cannot provide this service, an SMS system has been set up. The app will send an SMS to update you on the status of your order. The user will receive a total of three text messages: the first to confirm his order, the second to inform that the meal is being prepared and the last to inform that the order is being delivered.

The Just Eat app

A quick look at the app itself. How does it look and what are its features? To start, you should know that the Just Eat application is available for free on Google Play and on the App Store. Its design is clear and clean, easy to grip. The user has visibility on restaurant opening hours, minimum order amounts, new restaurants available and delivery costs.

When selecting the restaurant, the customer can get an overview of the most popular dishes ordered there. Finally, the choice of languages ​​is facilitated in the application. The user can thus switch from French to Italian, German or even English with simple manipulations.

Our opinion on the Just Eat app

To quickly summarize, the service presents quite interesting points for its user. This ranges from the wide choice of restaurant offered by the application to the possibility of following your order. The application interface, clear and easy to use, also plays a big role in the choice of users.

But, because there is always a but, the customer feedback is not the most tender with the application. Location problem, schedules not respected are all negative points that the ready meal delivery company will have to settle as soon as possible if it wants to be the preferred delivery service for gourmands and gourmets.

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