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Do you know why it is imperative to use an antivirus these days? As you might have guessed, this is to avoid having your bank account hacked, your identity theft or your day-to-day activities being spied on. Thus, for the security of your personal data, your mobile device must be equipped with a high-performance solution.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security Android


Download Malwarebytes Mobile Security for Android

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Release | Developer Malwarebytes | Updated on 02/21/2022

Requirements: 7.0 or later

Malwarebytes offers compatible applications on Android, iPhone or iPad and of course PC. Its publisher has set up a free and premium offer to make its service accessible to the general public. Malwarebytes is able to protect you against any attack. Whether it’s phishing, ransomware or scamming, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Malwarebytes, what is it exactly?

Are you tired of classic antiviruses that do the job halfway. It is also for this reason that Marcin Kleczynski created Malwarebytes. As the threats on the web increase, it is essential to put in place a more solid antivirus. Currently, with Malwarebytes, you will be entitled to all-in-one real-time protection.

To help you, this anti-malware offers different services depending on whether you subscribe to the premium offer or not. In fact, this app tracks malicious programs and content that you might open on your phone. It also optimizes the security of your smartphone or tablet against hackers, hacking and phishing. Millions of people have decided to use this antivirus since its launch.

The brand is a company founded in 2004. Its team is made up of around 600 experts. Their conviction is to eliminate all malware that could trouble you by improving the quality of their product day by day.

Once installed, the interface presents 5 sections at the top left of the screen.

Dashboard : you will have the details of the real-time protections that are activated.

To analyse : it allows you to perform a check of your entire system to detect possible malware. Full and Custom Scan are accessible in its free version, while Quick Scan is only available to Premium subscribers.

Quarantine : When you click the “Quarantine” menu, you will find the suspicious files blocked. The choice to delete or restore it is up to you.

Report : By pressing “Report”, you will have a summary of each check carried out with the date and the result.

Setting : Finally, the “Settings” menu allows you to modify Malwarebytes settings. For example, you can enable notifications or automatic updates.

Malwarebytes offers

If before malware spread through downloaded files, nowadays it has found more sophisticated ways; phishing, illicit links or spyware invisible to most antiviruses. Whether on PC or mobile, its mode of operation remains the same. They sneak in and burrow into the system to gather as much information as possible. Some of them directly take control of your device.

The service offers a high level of protection for its users. Unlike traditional antivirus, its free version is ranked among the 10 most effective free software on AV Test. It is a solution that anticipates the security of each device. It launches a scan, identifies and stops the various computer threats that want to install themselves on your phone.

In addition, the platform also has a Premium offer suitable for mobile users, but also for Windows and Mac. Many favorable opinions are granted to it on Google Play or the App Store, which suggests that it is reliable and effective.

To take advantage of it, simply download the software from the App Store, Play Store or the official Malwarebytes website and install it on your device. It is only available on Android from version 4.4 and later than iOS 11.


Malwarebytes free allows you to detect viruses and malware for free on your device. It has a dual function: detection and suppression. You can then thoroughly scan the programs on your system by going to the “Scan” menu. As soon as malware is detected, the antivirus will directly quarantine it, then erase it or restore it according to your choice. The problem is that you will have to update it manually to take advantage of all its new features.

Malwarebytes Premium

With the Premium subscription, you will be entitled to a 14-day free trial on Malwarebytes. Most ? 5 devices can be safe from threats simultaneously. You and your family will be protected from any form of virus, no matter what platform you are going to use. Its detection rate is extremely high. With this offer, you will benefit from 60 days of guarantee. Satisfied or refunded !

It’s a shield against ransomware : Ransomware is a program that blocks access to a file on your device. You will therefore no longer have control of your files, or even on the device if you are faced with this kind of virus. To protect yourself, go to the “Dashboard” menu and see if your ransomware protection is active.

Block malware : Some spy software saves your passwords as well as your financial information and uses them without your knowledge. Suffice to say that it is not necessary to explain to you how dangerous it is. To overcome this, Malwarebytes strengthens the security of the device. It will directly analyze and then prevent these ransomware from entering your network.

Neutralize spyware : Spyware or spyware are frequently encountered in the computer field. They monitor the information you leak from your phone to take advantage of it later. They can, for example, spy on you through your webcam or by putting themselves in all the folders that you are going to share. The antivirus offers an effective spyware removal tool to help you deal with it and protect your privacy.

Thoroughly clean your system : As soon as this antivirus is installed, you can carry out a complete analysis of your system. Thus, you will be able to detect software that does not wish you well and at the same time improve the performance of your hardware. You can schedule system cleaning sessions with a predetermined frequency to be sure that everything is fine. Note that it is best to leave your device on standby until the analysis is complete.

Stop unwanted ads : If you have Malwarebytes Premium, there is no need to install other ad blockers which can sometimes be platforms for phishing. The software has already integrated an anti-adware function so that you can surf the web with peace of mind. This happens without you realizing it.

Exploit Protection functionality : This is a feature available only on PC and can block flaws present in most programs preinstalled on your computer. Your default browser, Foxit Reader, the initial version of Chrome in your PC sometimes bring malware with them. It is to counter them that the Exploit Protection was created. To activate it, just download and install it following the steps to configure any software. Then it will run on its own as long as your computer is on. If you subscribe to the Premium subscription, you will need to click on “Activate” and then enter your ID.

Malwarebytes Premium Privacy+

This is the formula that includes all the Premium features of the antivirus. Moreover, you will also have a VPN, a password manager, ten GB of cloud storage.

Additional features

New UI : Previously, the interface of the web application had recurring bugs. Fortunately, it was revised later to align ergonomics, fluidity and intuitiveness. Today, everything is already in order. Users benefit from a new, more sophisticated visual.

Block unwanted calls : Malwarebytes detects shady software that monitors your device remotely, including those that make calls and incur hidden billing. It blocks their access and protects your privacy from these cybercriminals.

Control of SMS, emails and messaging : If you use social networks like WhatsApp, Skype or simply on your email address, it is possible that malware will be sent to you. To prevent you from falling on malware, the antivirus detects any type of harmful link, even with the SMS received.

Device status and protection on widget : The protection status of your device will be populated from time to time on the widget. You will also be notified of any malware that could harm your terminal.

Manage mobile apps : Did you know that it is possible to find malware on Google Play? If you ever mistakenly download this kind of file, your device is at huge risk. This is why Malwarebytes has also set up the whitelist which includes all the programs that you can use. However, running or recently installed apps may be malicious. For this, the application restricts their access.

Prioritize device auditing and security : Malwarebytes detects flaws in your system settings and suggests some recommendations for your security.

The most notable benefits

Optimizing your device’s performance : Malwarebytes is not just software for protecting your data. It keeps your device free from unnecessary apps and helps it run better by freeing up more space.

Less bulky smartphone : Malware consumes data on your smartphone in addition to installed applications. Thus, by activating this antivirus, you keep control of your mobile. The service will identify what type of information is detected by spyware. It will then block them and at the same time, will make your smartphone lighter and more fluid.

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