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Microsoft Outlook is the favorite business email client. Its services are also suitable for students as well as multi-users. It is one of the remarkable works of the Redmond firm. Hotmail’s successor, Outlook has taken its place on the market alongside its competitors Yahoo and Gmail. It has a powerful mobile application. The advantage? File sharing, sending mail, calendar management, all this is possible on it. Its service has been completely redesigned, Word, PowerPoint and Excel are also accessible there.

Microsoft Outlook Android


Download Microsoft Outlook for Android

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Requirements: 7.0 or later

What’s the point ?

Mailing has become essential for Internet users in all fields. This is why Microsoft has continued to simplify the use of its service. At first, users were faced with Hotmail, a famous mail server launched by the firm in 1997. His team tried to add more features to retain its subscribers. However, it seems that their actions have not met the interest of customers. As a result, it was necessary to set up Outlook in July 2012.

Since then, Microsoft has continued to add options to Outlook to satisfy its millions of users. Today, they can carefully manage their contact and their schedule on the app. Dates, tasks and planned occupations can be inserted. So you will find all your meetings, appointments and hotel reservations on the agenda. You can even activate the notification to have a little reminder on the device.

Thanks to Outlook, communication between colleagues is simplified. You can send them an invitation for urgent meetings and know their availability. Obviously, an automatic email will be sent to you by the software as soon as your colleagues have accepted or declined the proposal.

Did you know that Outlook is also compatible with OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox? This is very useful for file sharing, whether via intranet or the web. You can edit attachments on your personal account.

How to use Outlook Mobile?

Outlook is Microsoft’s own email management application. To access all its features, you need to download the iOS or Android version depending on your device system. Then, you will have to move on to the next step, the configuration. Indeed, Outlook mobile requires some manipulations before being operational.

How to connect to it?

If you already have an account, just login. Otherwise, you have to create one.

  • To get started, press the “Add Account” button
  • Then click on the Outlook section if your email address ends in,, or
  • Enter your email address and associated password.
  • Click Connect

Sometimes two-factor authentication is required depending on your initial account setup. You will therefore be required to enter 6 digits for your own security. This is very useful in the professional world so that your data is always safe from threats.

Get the free version of Outlook

There are 2 ways to get the free version of Outlook.

For the web version, you will have to go to the official Microsoft Office website and press Download. You will then have to log in or create an account, and if necessary, confirm it. There will then be a redirect to Office 365, but you should just click on Outlook.

There is also a method to have a one-month free trial, but your payment method must still be entered. The latter is either through PayPal or by debit or credit card. To do this :

  • Go to the Office site
  • Tap the Download Office option
  • Then click where it says “Try free for 1 month”
  • Then, Try Office for free
  • Confirm your email and information before clicking Next, then Subscribe
  • Click Install, then again when the next page appears

The new options on Outlook

The app keeps improving day by day. Here are the most recent features:

Spelling Suggestion : Outlook mobile helps you write your emails. It speeds up your typing speed by offering suggestions. Thus, you will see underlined in red the errors of grammar or conjugation and in blue the concerns at the level of the form.

FindTime for your Outlook polls

This is a function for performing polls at the application level. To create:

  • Send an email or select one from your inbox
  • The main recipients in “A” are the required persons
  • Copy “Cc” to employees whose presence is optional
  • Then click on Home before pressing “Respond with a meeting poll”
  • Set your meeting parameters: time, date, duration, etc.
  • FindTime will analyze each participant’s availability and suggest the best time slot
  • It will be up to you to choose from the suggestions, which one suits you
  • You will then need to click Next, then choose the location of your survey. Uncheck “Online meeting” if this is a physical meeting.
  • Now go to “Survey Settings”, then press OPTION/Detect. Here, you will be notified as soon as one of your colleagues has replied.
  • Finally, click on the Insert menu in the e-mail.
  • Modify the options to notify your colleagues of a postponement of the survey in case
  • Click Submit to start voting
  • Yourselves will benefit from a direct link to access the vote

The AI ​​search function : To properly meet your expectations, Outlook uses artificial intelligence. You will be able to easily find your files, your mails and your contacts. To do this, each time you will tap on the bar at the top, the AI ​​will interpret it. Automatic suggestions will be displayed thanks to this.

The connected calendar : On the same application, Outlook offers you a connected calendar to boost your productivity. With a company account, you will be aware of the availability of each employee. You can organize meetings directly on the platform. Participants can also respond from the app.

Notification on Outlook : When you receive an important email or someone reacts to one of your emails or on Teams, you will be notified. The notification tab is on the top right of Outlook.

Restoring deleted emails : The good thing about Outlook mobile is that you can recover emails that have been carelessly deleted. To do this, select “Deleted Items” on the left side of Outlook. Then, at the very bottom, you should be able to recover deleted items. Now click OK to confirm everything.

Reading email aloud : The “Play my emails” service enables the app to read received emails aloud. Thus, Outlook reads your new messages one by one as in a music playlist on your Smartphone. A very practical feature for those who have problems with their eyesight in particular.

Why choose Outlook?

Here are some benefits of using Outlook for mobile:

Personalization of the signature : This app allows you to customize your signature. This will enhance the professionalism of your company as well as your employees. You can add your logo, share your contact or even educate your employees with what you are going to put on your signature.

Domain name freedom : For companies, the domain name is optional. This is one of the reasons why Outlook is their favorite email client.

Well organized inbox : Outlook sorts your mail and classifies them in order of priority. Using a smart filter, those deemed to be of high importance will show up first. Moreover, you will also be able to sort or pin the ones you want to highlight. To do this, choose an email that is important to you and right click on it, then press Pin.

Manage multiple accounts simultaneously : Using the platform, you can switch from one account to another. It is possible to receive notifications from each of them. You will have access to your profile and your email in one place.

Simplified attachment sharing : If you have files saved in Drive, Dropbox or cloud, you can share them from Outlook. You can also access it directly.

Secure Service : Outlook offers additional protection to ensure the security of your personal data. No need to install other software, the app is self-sufficient to protect you from possible malicious content and hackers.

Negative User Reviews

Several features not available on mobile : The mobile application of Outlook is interesting from the point of view of users. That said, some features are lacking compared to web services. For example, sender blocking is currently unavailable on it.

Bug during updates : Many users complain about the bug during updates. Error messages are displayed during attempts to access emails. Sometimes access is temporarily blocked. This achieves the fluidity of the app.

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