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Orange offers its subscribers a private messaging service called Orange Mail. Users can access it easily from their smartphone or computer. Equipped with several features, Orange Mail guarantees ease of use for individuals and professionals.

Mail Orange - Android email messaging


Download Mail Orange – Email messaging for Android

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Configuration: 5.0 or later

What is Orange Mail?

This is the electronic mail service of the Orange network. It allows you to send and receive emails directly on the platform, without going through a third-party messaging service. The exchange of mails is done in a secure way, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the emails between the recipients and the sender.

There are two ways to create an Orange Mail address. The first, and the easiest, is to subscribe to an Orange internet offer. Once subscribed to this offer, the ISP automatically provides an Orange Mail address which ends with @ or @ The user only has to choose his username when creating his customer account.

It is possible to create an Orange Mail address without being subscribed to any Orange Internet offer. To do this, you must go to the Orange account creation form. Once the security checks have been completed, enter your personal information on said form. When creating the email address, you will not have @ or @ endings, because you are not a network subscriber. Then, type in your password and validate the general conditions of use.

You will then receive a message confirming the successful creation of your Orange account. From now on, you have a mailbox where you can consult all your emails, without becoming an Orange subscriber.

Orange Mail for professionals

Orange’s email service is designed to meet the needs of professionals. To benefit from an Orange Mail pro address, the user must have an Orange pro contract. Then, the operator will provide the email address automatically to the user. The difference between Orange Mail pro and an Orange personal account is that the user can create up to 19 secondary email addresses. These can be deployed for his colleagues within his company.

To create an Orange Mail pro secondary address (or alias), the user must log into the primary account. Then, you have to go to the “My pro services” section in the left sidebar of the messaging platform. Once inside, click on “Create a user” and fill in the personal information of the new user. They include the last name, first names, new personalized e-mail address and the identifier displayed on the inbox. All you have to do is choose a password and validate. The new Orange Mail pro address will be operational 24 hours after its creation.

You can consult your box by going to the portal. Enter your credentials to access your Orange customer area. Then, click on the envelope-shaped icon to access your Orange Mail box.

If you are on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you can download the Mail Orange – Email messaging application. It is available on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices. The Orange e-mail application allows you to access the Orange Mail inbox in a few clicks, without going through the portal. You will also be notified in real time when you receive an email. Finally, you can synchronize the contacts on your phone or tablet with your mailbox.

Orange Mail features

With Orange Mail, you will benefit from a reliable, personalized, secure and accessible mailbox anywhere. When creating your email address, you have 10 GB of cloud storage at your disposal. You can store your emails and all your attached files there.

The new updates to Orange Mail give you more ergonomics and ease of use. With a simple drag and drop, you can categorize your emails and insert attachments into your emails. You can also create filing folders, easily sort junk mails, categorize read ones, and delete unwanted ones. Finally, you can add a read receipt to your email to check if your recipient has received and read the content of the latter.

The service design has been revised to allow users to easily navigate the platform. In seconds, they can see and access all menus and command buttons. It is ideal for professionals who need to consult, read and respond to emails faster than before.

Orange Mail users will now be able to add and save a contact in their mailbox. With the “Agenda” tool, they will also be able to send, receive and save invitations within the platform itself. They will be notified when the invitation date approaches, as a reminder.

Finally, the functionality of the tool will protect you against cyber attacks. Your mailbox will be spared from viruses and possible fraudulent mails. In the event that suspicious emails manage to pass between the protective meshes, Orange Mail will immediately classify them in the “Unwanted email” category. It’s up to you to check them and delete them manually.

What to do in the event of a connection problem?

Rare are the cases where you will not be able to connect to your Orange Mail box. However, if this happens, be sure to check your internet connection. You may also have entered an incorrect password: remember to verify it when you log in. If the problem persists, call Orange customer service. It will guide you step by step to access your email account.

It is not possible to delete a primary Orange Mail address. The latter is connected to the user’s customer account.

However, if you want to completely delete your Orange account, you can contact Orange customer service. The latter will begin the deletion process when it has your agreement. In the event that you renounce the deletion, your Orange Mail address will remain accessible for a period of 6 months. You will have this delay before it is permanently removed from the network.

Secondary Orange Mail addresses can be deleted by the user himself. To do this, you must log into the Orange customer area via the main account. Then, go to User Management, check the addresses you want to delete and click Delete this account. You will need to enter the passwords for these addresses to confirm deletion. Click Delete this account again, and they will be permanently deleted.

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