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Run faster, jump, spin and collect as many rings as possible with the SEGA mascot. In Sonic Dash, the legendary blue hedgehog will have fun in a runner infinite game style game. Currently overtaken by certain titles of the same type such as Temple Run or Subway surfer, Sonic has not yet said its last word! Will it catch up with its competitors? Nothing is less sure. Nevertheless, with more than 500 million downloads on Android, this game of our favorite hedgehog remains among the best of its kind.

Sonic Dash - Android Racing Games


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Notes: ★★★★

(5737453 votes) | Arcade

Release 5.2.0 | SEGA Developer | Updated on 04/03/2022

Requirements: 4.4 or later

What is Sonic Dash?

In fact, it’s a mix of classic arcade and runner where Sonic and his friends will run and spin around, beat enemies and save their world. Tails, Knuckles, Amy or even Shadow will be there by completing quests.

The principle of Sonic Dash is therefore to sprint infinitely. The goal is to perform this action as far as possible while keeping the character alive. SEGA’s mascot doesn’t do it for fun as his mission is to fix ruined areas so animals can thrive there. Thus, during the adventure, our hero runs, takes loops and sweeps everything in his path. Naturally, he must also dodge dangers, eliminate his enemies and unlock Items to go faster.

The beginnings of the game

Sonic Dash is one of the newest in the long list of Sonic titles. As a reminder, the very first title, called “Sonic The Hedgehog” which appeared in 1991, is a 2D platform game. Sonic Dash, meanwhile, launched in 2013 on iOS and Android. This time, its developers have opted for a 3D runner game. It has also been available on Windows since 2014. Currently, there is even a Sonic Dash 2, called Sonic Boom.

The PC game updates seem to be on stand-by for a few years now. On mobile, on the other hand, it is extensively stocked and newly upgraded to give gamers the most indulgence. Moreover, the latest version, that is to say, 5.1.1 was released on March 03, 2022. This variant embodies new challenges with more options.

An exciting free to play game

Sonic Dash is available in a free version and includes all the necessary options to inspire players. However, it still includes some paid In-App bonuses. For example, to unlock certain powerful characters, you will need to take out cash. You can also buy some ingenious items to go further and survive a little longer.

A 3D game with great graphics

Unlike previous Sonic games, in Sonic Dash, we mostly see the back of our favorite hedgehog. The interface is nicely decorated with an addictive visual to prevent the player from finding it monotonous. Thus, the latter will have morning scenery, sometimes beautiful sunsets. The animations as well as the effects of certain objects are also breathtaking, enough to make you want to spend a few hours there.

Attractive and fun gameplay

In the opus, the character will automatically run in a corridor divided into 3 parts. Simply tap continuously up or down and right to left on your screen to boost its speed and manage its direction. You also have to dodge obstacles. Above all, you will have to touch as many rings as possible by making a zigzag movement on your interface.

As with other running games, you will find bonuses, stars everywhere. You will have to take them if you want to improve your score and unlock more areas. Also, your sprint will be safer if you do. Thanks to this, you will gain speed and power. The fun part is that the faster your character runs, the more new environments you’ll discover and the better you’ll do against bosses. The objective is to fill the acceleration gauge so that you become invulnerable.

You will also be faced with badnicks, robots in the form of animals created by Doctor Robotnik, which you will have to eliminate. Rest assured, these are just classic bots. To beat them, you just need to dodge first, then attack them at the right time.

How to unlock other characters?

There are a multitude of characters available on Sonic Dash. Each of them has specific power-ups in addition to having a different visual of Sonic’s blue on your screen. Find popular hedgehogs such as Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles or Shadow. You can also play with other characters like Amy, Blaze or Charmy. To unlock them, you will need to:

Obtain more red star rings : The most common way to unlock characters is to accumulate red stars. These are obtained by completing missions. Thus, you will have Cream if you exchange it for 40 red stars and Blaze for 60 of them.

Restore predefined areas : There are characters that you can simply use when an area is no longer destroyed. If you manage to repair Seaside Hill Zone for example, Knuckles will be unlocked. The same for Amy, you will have to free Beach Zone. If you like Miles, this time you will have to restore Green Hill Zone.

buy characters online : By paying directly in the application, you can find new characters and continue to play with more powers. Moreover, some are exclusive to it. For example, the Espio Chameleon and Metal Sonic are available starting at $3.99.

Sonic Dash combos

Despite its simple appearance, you need to know a few techniques to get to the end of the game.

Avoid dying frequently: You have to dodge the various obstacles on the road to avoid dying and restarting the game each time. Indeed, it is the buildings that you can touch or the water in which you risk falling. Do not forget the enemies on your way and remember that it is losing rings to touch them if you are not at full speed.

Defeat enemies on Sonic Dash: If, unfortunately, you bump into enemies, your rings will decrease. Fortunately, there is a simple way to take them down easily. To do this, you have to run over them while the game counter is running. This will make you invulnerable despite running at high speed.

What kind of upgrades can I buy on Sonic Dash? : Many upgrades will be offered to you once you accumulate more rewards or red star rings. Thus, you will have the choice between speed accelerators to go faster or a lightning start for example. The best is to opt for the improvements that will remain with your character for life. Forget the consumable items at once and think about saving instead.

How to accumulate more red stars? You will need to complete Daily Challenges to get Red Stars for free. Admittedly, it is not easy, but they will be of great use to you on the way. A word of advice, do not resurrect Sonic with them. That would be a waste, unless maybe you’re about to break the world record.

What are rings for in Sonic?

Rings are similar to currency in this game. They are mainly useful for:

Unlock characters : Some characters can only be unlocked if they have been purchased with red star rings.

Resurrect Heroes : To prevent the race from stopping definitively, you will have to keep your character alive as long as possible. However, it is not always easy with the various obstacles encountered. Thus, Sonic can be resurrected once for free. You only have to wait about ten seconds if you have fallen into the water. Thereafter, if again, you are dead, you must use a star to resuscitate him. With a red ring, you can bring your hero back to life. Nevertheless, the price will be doubled as the practice continues.

Strengthen character skills : To pass each level, you must increase your abilities. Using the red rings, you can improve the power of your favorite characters by getting new items. You also have the option of buying shields to protect yourself while running fast.

Sonic Dash daily challenges and rewards

To avoid monotony and often keep you on the game, there are unique missions on this installment to multiply the final score. Completing these daily challenges allows you to have more characters or generate more red star rings. To discover the quests of the day as well as the objectives available, just look in the “Rewards” section of the game. With the rewards obtained, you can, among other things, buy ring magnets for your supply of red stars along the way. .

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