Download Ubisoft Connect APK free on Android

Download Ubisoft Connect APK free on Android

Have you ever had the opportunity to play Assassin’s Creed, Rayman or Just Dance? If so, then you surely know Ubisoft. The French firm, a specialist in video games, overhauled its services in 2020. The brand notably replaced Uplay and Ubisoft Club with a new launcher: Ubisoft Connect. The latter, in the form of an application integrated into all platforms, aims to unite all gamers of Ubisoft titles under the same banner. The service is available on mobile, PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox and cloud gaming.

Ubisoft Connect Android


Download Ubisoft Connect for Android

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Release 8.2.0 | Developer Ubisoft Entertainment | Updated on 02/02/2022

Requirements: 7.0 or later

What is Ubisoft Connect?

It is an application that allows players to have access to many bonuses and to interact with other users. For example, gamers will be able to enjoy all of Ubisoft’s games, publish their completion or compare their statistics with each other. They can also chat with their friends or find new ones with the platform’s social network.

The origins of Ubisoft Connect

Basically, Ubisoft Connect was born in 2020 when the firm announced that it was simultaneously updating two of its services: Uplay and Ubisoft Club. This update actually created the Ubisoft Connect that we know today.

If Sony has PlayStation Network and Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft offered Uplay and Uplay+. It was the subscription-based platform that gave gamers the ability to play over a hundred titles from the developer. Thus, lovers of Far Cry or even Assassin’s Creed could spend thousands of hours without buying the titles in question, but simply by subscribing. It also made it possible to recover credits which gave access to bonuses, some of which were exclusive. In short, it was the Ubisoft store.

Regarding the DLCs and the relationship with other players, there was Ubisoft Club. It was the platform giving fans of Ubisoft games the ability to interact with each other: share their scores and show off their skins. This is a community space that is the basis of the “social network” aspect of Ubisoft Connect.

Ubisoft Connect is therefore the simultaneous update of these two services. Thus, while allowing its subscribers to enjoy the many iconic titles of the French firm, the service offers unique interactions.

How to register on it?

In fact, Ubisoft Connect is a service that only requires registration with Ubisoft. Since it’s free, log in to your Ubisoft account. If you play on console, you just need to connect to the game menu. On PC, you will need to download Ubisoft Connect PC. For the mobile version, it will be necessary to install the applications.

What are the user benefits?

Far from being a simple amalgam between Uplay and Ubisoft Club, this application offers users far more extensive advantages. Among the most notable features: that of being able to continue your game on any platform or that of rewards as well as discounts in the Ubisoft store and many others.

An integrated social network

With Ubisoft Connect, you have a social network that allows you to chat with all your friends. Regardless of the platform you are going to play on, you will have an overview of all the trophies, records, weapons and skins of your teammates. You can of course show off your own accomplishments on it. In short, you have a community waiting for you.

Cross-platform gaming

This is one of the most interesting options of Ubisoft Connect especially for its multiplayer games. Indeed, you will be able to have fun on all the titles of any platform as long as the game is developed by Ubisoft. Have a friend who plays on console while you’re on PC? It is Ubisoft’s ambition to ensure that you can enjoy this moment together. For now, regardless of the platform, you will be able to log in and admire your successes as well as those of your loved ones. Thus, exit the rivalry between the giants of the video game industry and make way for fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Sony consoles and your playmate prefers Nintendo, you can chat or see your high scores on Ubisoft Connect.

Synchronization of backups

Ubisoft Connect also offers to synchronize the backups of your favorite games. Concretely, this means that the platforms will no longer be able to prevent you from continuing your games. Would you rather play the PS5 at home and want to continue your adventure on your Nintendo Switch or on a PC? If you subscribe to Ubisoft Connect, and as long as your account is logged in, your progress will always be saved.

This synchronization also means that you will keep all the new characters and all the items you have unlocked. Indeed, your profile and your successes as well as your achievements will be saved permanently. All your hours of games on Ubisoft titles will be profitable as long as you are connected to the platform.

The temporary “Wrap-up” option

This is a temporary option that came into being with the appearance of Ubisoft Connect. With this Wrap up feature, the platform offered its subscribers to share achievements or challenge their rivals directly through the platform. With this option, all the epic moves you make during your games will be recorded by the service for five years. The course in the world of Ubisoft is often memorable: jump of the angel of Assassin’s Creed or the scenes of Far Cry. All this deserves to be saved and to be reviewed some time later in order to entertain you or to show off in front of your friends. That’s what the wrap-up is for.

This option uses your own statistics, going from your hours of play to the best KDA ratio or to generate animations that you will surely want to share. However, the service is currently not available. That said, you’ll still be able to view other players’ wrap-ups on social media.

Tips and walkthroughs

This is also one of the specificities of Ubisoft Connect. As gamers, we have all gone through these phases of the game where we no longer know where the next mission is. We’ve all been stuck on a level before and tried to look for solutions on the internet. With this “Intelligent Intel” option, it’s a whole recommendation as well as tips and tricks that await you. Also, it will be based on your gaming habits and gameplay.

Hundreds of rewards

The reward system is still present. Thus, in all titles, there will be challenges that will be offered to you each time you load a new game. With this app, you will have a jumble of exclusive weapons, skins, chests and many others. At the same time, you will also have the possibility of having discounts on your purchases in Ubisoft stores.

How do I get Units on Ubisoft Connect?

Points are an integral part of the Ubisoft Connect mechanism. Indeed, the more you play, the more Units you will earn. This is a system specific to this type of platform with the aim of encouraging gamers to spend more time in front of their screen. Units can be used within a maximum of two years to unlock unique rewards in their games or promotions in the Store.

How to unlock Ubisoft Connect rewards?

To unlock the Ubisoft Connect rewards, you will first have to click on the game you want to get it with. To do this, please tap on the top right corner of your screen. Once you see the preview page for the title in question, select the rewards option on the left side of the window. There you will see a list of prices waiting for you.

Can Ubisoft Connect be updated and how do I do it?

Since it is an application, updating is possible. To do this, you must launch the Ubisoft Connect on your PC and press “My games”. Select the title in question, then go to the “Properties” menu. This will allow you to add other languages ​​to your Ubisoft Connect. Once done, the update will install automatically. Otherwise, you can also download the latest version of the app if you are on Android or iOS.

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