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Yahoo Mail was once a major email platform, but has lost ground in recent years to Gmail and Apple Mail. Find out everything you need to know about Yahoo Mail in this article.

Yahoo Mail: your organized Android mailbox


Download Yahoo Mail: Your Organized Mailbox for Android

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Yahoo Developer | Updated on 10/22/2021

What is Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail is a web-based email application accessible on computers and mobile devices. It includes functions for document and image storage, travel confirmation, package delivery tracking, etc. Within the app, users can access contrasting themes, text resizing, and screen reader support.

Main features of Yahoo Mail

Recently, Yahoo launched a significant set of updates to deliver a better and smoother messaging experience that covers both new personalization and performance features. Here are some awesome Yahoo Mail features you need to know about.

Block email address

Don’t want to receive emails from people who irritate or bother you quite often? Block them! Go to “Settings”, then to “Other settings” and finally to “Security and privacy”. You can click the “More” icon and enter the email address you want to block. Click Save!

Yahoo Mail Filters for Inbox

Are you getting too many (mostly unnecessary) emails in your inbox? Why not create filters that will control these emails? Yahoo Mail’s advanced filtering system helps you keep your inbox organized. To create filters, go to ‘Settings’, => ‘Other settings’, => click on ‘Filters’, and add new filters.

Two-step verification to make your account more secure

Enable two-step authentication if your account has suspicious activity such as emails in your Outbox that you never sent, weird login activity, friends and coworkers receiving emails phishing from you, etc. Activate this feature and strengthen the security of your email account against any hacking activity.

Benefits of Yahoo Mail

Email like a pro

With Yahoo’s standard Yahoo Mail service, you can send and receive e-mail, manage contacts, and maintain a calendar. All Yahoo emails are 100% encrypted and users have 1TB of storage space to keep their emails and files. You can also sign up for the Yahoo Ad Free Mail service.

You’ll have to pay a monthly fee, but unlike standard Yahoo Mail, Ad Free Mail doesn’t display ads and Yahoo never turns it off when not in use. If regular email messages don’t feel personal enough, use the built-in Yahoo Web Messenger to chat with other people right from your email page. Some competing messaging services do not offer this type of messaging functionality.

Explore advanced communication methods

Although you can send instant messages from your Yahoo Mail page, you have the option of installing Yahoo Messenger on your computer and mobile phone. Thanks to it, you can chat with other people by voice and webcam. Messenger supports SMS and instant messaging, and you can share photos and large files with your callers. You can also use the program to make calls via PC or mobile.

Formulate and send a message on Yahoo mail

To send a message, start by clicking on “New” at the top left of your home page. Then click on “E-mail message”, a new screen will open. Here’s how to compose your message.

Type your contact’s email address after “To:”. If you are sending the message to more than one person, put a comma and a space after each name except the last.

Use the “Cc:” line to add the addresses of the people who should receive a copy of the email. Click on the letters “Show BCC” at the end of the “To” line to add the names of the people who will receive the message without others knowing or seeing their email address.

After “Subject”, write a few words that describe the subject of your email. Type your message in the large Compose window. You can use the bar elements below the subject line to format the message by choosing the font, size and color or by adding links or emoticons (character faces that express emotions) .

Check your spelling by clicking “Spelling” in the bar above “To:”, then click “Send” to send your message. You will get confirmation that the message has been sent and it will automatically be saved to your sent folder.

By clicking “Save Draft”, you can save a partially-written message to your Draft folder to complete it and send it later. By clicking on “Attach”, you can add an attachment.

Receive, reply and save

Yahoo Mail automatically checks for new messages every 10 minutes. You can also set up an alert in Yahoo Messenger to play a sound every time a new email arrives in Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Messenger is free, but you need to download software and register.

Open the Inbox and you will see your messages listed on the right, most recent at the top. Unread messages are in bold. Above the list is a control bar that you can use to take action on each email. You can click on:

The subject of the message or the sender to open and read the message. The message will appear in the reading pane below your message list.

  • “Reply”, choosing only to sender or to all
  • “Forward” to send a copy of the message and attachments to another person
  • “Spam” to send the message to your spam folder
  • “Move” to save the message in another folder that you have previously configured
  • “Print” to print the message
  • “Delete” to move the message to your Trash folder. You can recover messages from the trash if you have not yet emptied this folder.

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