Dragon Ball arrives in Fortnite and breaks the internet

Dragon Ball fans are only talking about the collaboration between the anime and the battle royale Fortnite.

This August 16, Fortnite players had an unexpected surprise and not the least; one of the most popular anime in the world integrates the battle royale thanks to a unique crossover. It is dragonballwhich sees four of its characters land in the game from Epic Games, namely Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus, as well as seasonal events and content starting today.

The first major novelty is the event page called “Unleash your power!” which gives you access to a series of quests, which can unlock exclusive rewards. The goal is to successfully collect all 7 Dragon Balls in order to unlock the Shenron Glider, as well as a myriad of other cosmetics along the way.

Regulars of the game will also see a change in the contract tables. These turn into duel boards, and allow you to challenge another player in your game to a duel. You have 5 minutes to find it, thanks to its position on the map, and overcome it.

Big fans of both manga and anime will also be able to discover a series of episodes of Dragon Ball Super, which will be broadcast for the occasion on an in-game cruise ship. The dates and times of each broadcast are available on this page. In addition to all this, you also have access to a brand new tournament as well as several explorable locations on the theme of Dragon Ball.

Skins that are unanimous

But what really fascinates players are the skins of the four characters mentioned above. Most are declinable, and this is the case of Vegeta and Son Goku, who take on several Saiyan forms via a sensational animation. It’s this perspective that has drawn players from all over the world to the game… even causing it to crash on startup and creating queues at the same time.

On Twitter, the enthusiasm is also palpable, and many fans react positively to this unprecedented collaboration. He says that since the arrival of Naruto and his gang in Fortniteanime lovers have been patiently waiting for a moment like this.

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