Dreame L10s Ultra review, the high-end robot that promises total automation

With its new L10s Ultra robot vacuum cleaner, Dreame brings together all the technologies that contribute to automating floor maintenance: automatic dust emptying, floor washing, self-cleaning then mop drying, collection of dirty water in a bin dedicated and intelligent navigation. “Set it up and forget about it”; this is Dreame’s promise. We tested it by spending several weeks in its company.

During our test of the Dreame Bot W10, we wondered why the manufacturer equips its robot with such a bulky base, with such large water tanks while it does not drain the dust. With the L10s Ultra it’s finally done. And frankly, we gain a lot more freedom. In our view, this is even a real leap forward.

A true multifunction base

This time, the base (referenced RCS9) is no longer content to suck up dust in a bag at the end of the cycle or to manage the washing function; it becomes truly multifunctional. The layout has also changed. The two water tanks (clean water tank and dirty water collector) are located in the upper part of the base. The bag is housed in a compartment placed under the tanks, as on the Ecovacs model, X1 Omni. However, instead of being installed in a drawer, the dust bag is placed in a compartment hidden by a removable hatch. This system is not very practical and we have to admit that we dropped this hatch on the robot several times… This is one of the only criticisms that we will address to this base.

Indeed, it remains bulky but adopts a more vertical format compared to that of the W10, which gives it a less massive appearance (it measures 423 × 340 × 568 mm). Dust management is a real plus. As for the water tanks, their capacity has been revised downwards: 2.5 L (clean water) and 2.4 L (dirty water) while those of the W10 contained 4 liters each. Even for cleaning large spaces, it is more than enough.

As on the W10, at the start of the cycle, several times during the cycle as well as at the end (the frequency can be adjusted in the application), the pads are scrubbed and washed with clean water, a system that we always find it relevant and effective. The skates are indeed rid of dust, dirt, animal hair, hair…

Finally, the base also ensures the drying of the pads at the end of the cycle, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. A function that lasts a while and emits a slight blowing noise, which however seemed to us more discreet than on the W10. You really have to be close to hear it. If you find it inconvenient, you can easily stop the process by pressing one of the buttons on the base – a good idea.

Indeed, three buttons are present directly on the station. They allow to return the robot in charge, to start a cleaning of the whole surface or to start/stop the drying of the pads. This avoids having to draw your smartphone when you are at home. A combination of buttons also activates child safety.

A real washing system, but based on cartridges

Some manufacturers like Roborock or Ecovacs give the possibility of adding a specific detergent to the washing water to carry out a real washing of the floors. While the W10 could only work with clean water, the new L10s is designed to work with proprietary detergent, which comes in the form of a flat bottle (300ml). Dreame delivers one with the robot. Simply insert it into the base, between the two water trays. While we appreciate the ability to actually wash floors, this system isn’t very happy. Already, you have to remove the two trays to insert the cartridge; it could have been more convenient.

Then, you have to tear off two lids to open this container, at the top and at the bottom. Even with our fingernails and good will, we were unable to remove the upper tab and had to use a knife to open it… This system has the advantage of using just the right amount of product, dosed per the robot. However, the idea of ​​throwing plastic cartridges regularly does not appeal to us. Even if it means using a proprietary detergent, we prefer to buy it in a large bottle and mix it directly with the washing water. Especially since once the cartridge is open, there is no longer any question of removing it. Whereas with the solutions chosen by other manufacturers, you can always clean with water and add detergent once a week, for example. As you will have understood, this washing cartridge has the merit of existing, but we are not fans of it.

A powerful but not perfect floor washing system

Like the W10, the L10s is equipped with rotating skids. These have a mechanical action of rubbing the floors, which allows them to remove almost all stains without difficulty, both on our white tiles and on our parquet, including some traces sometimes a little greasy in the kitchen .

We had addressed several criticisms of the W10’s washing system: it left wet dirt in places (hair and animal hair) and the floors were really wet in certain areas. Dreame has made progress, since these issues are resolved. During our tests, the L10 s never left any waste in its path, neither hair nor animal hair for example. And after its passage, the floors are normally moist, evenly and dry quickly. This time we saw no wet streaks.

In addition, when the robot reaches a specific area to be cleaned or when it has finished cleaning and returned to its base, it automatically raises its pads so as not to dirty the already washed floor; again a pretty good idea.

On the other hand, we also regret that the W10 does not wash the edges of furniture and walls, leaving a strip of about 5 cm due to its D-shape and its close pads. The L10s has partly the same defect despite its round shape. Its pads are placed at the front of the chassis, fairly close to each other. In the corners, the robot performs a rotation on itself, reaching the edges. But in long “straight lines”, as he follows a wall or piece of furniture, his skates don’t reach the edges. It then leaves an unwashed strip. In suction, however, no problem since its side brush reaches the edges.

The app always provides notifications when the water tank needs to be refilled. As for the dirty water tank, Dreame recommends emptying it after each cycle to avoid the development of odors. We therefore receive a notification at the end of each cycle.

Quick and painless installation

The installation of the robot is convenient and quick. The base is delivered in a single block and the dust bag is already installed (a second spare bag is provided). The installation constraints of the base are quite classic, namely that space must be provided in front and on the sides. Before launching the robot, all that remains is to clip the side brush and the two pads, on which the wipes are already placed.

Connecting to the network goes smoothly. We already had the app and already had an account. All we had to do was select the robot model. It connected to WiFi quickly and without complaining. We are then offered to launch a rapid mapping cycle, which requires less than 10 minutes.

A little cable storage is required

The L10s Ultra uses a laser distance sensor, cross-line distance sensors and an “AI visual sensor” to move around the home in a relevant and intelligent way, even recognizing certain objects.

Since the Z10 Pro, we noted that Dreame had made progress in navigation and surface coverage. On these points, the L10s Ultra does not disappoint us. Indeed, it covers all areas very well without forgetting and goes without hesitation towards the rooms or targeted areas that it is asked to clean. He carefully walks around every object, every furniture leg (including table and chair legs), runs along walls or furniture, even being rather meticulous in cleaning corners and angles. He doesn’t bang on furniture or push open doors. He even managed to locate quite relevantly some pieces of furniture that he positioned on the map (mainly sofa and coffee table).

The bowls of our felines did not pose any problem for him either since he identified them and bypassed them when certain robots push them in front of them relentlessly. The only obstacles he seems to have trouble “seeing” are the cables, in which he tends to get tangled. And these are the only obstacles that have managed to stop it in its tracks because it can swallow them and get tangled in them until it gets stuck. Better to put them away to avoid accidents.

As for the carpets, he climbs on them without difficulty and “recognizes” them. He raises his skates and automatically engages the turbo suction mode. Dreame announces a higher suction power than the previous models (5300 Pa instead of 4000) but we already found the suction performance very satisfactory, whether on our tiles, our parquet floors or our test carpets. The app also allows you to adjust the suction power in four levels (quiet, standard, strong and turbo). Even at standard power, it made short work of our long hair and tufts of hair strewn by our two cats.

An application still as complete

Despite regular updates, the basis of the Xiaomi Home application remains the same since our last tests, with still some small translation errors that may surprise you in places.

Due to the wealth of functions offered, it may be necessary to navigate a little through the menus to discover, configure and understand all the possibilities. However, the main functions are all accessible on the home page: cartography, map management (to personalize the cartography), placement of a prohibited area, choice of cleaning modes (vacuuming only, washing only, combination of the two, then settings the suction power and the humidity of the pads), adjustment of the automatic cleaning parameters and finally access to a 3D map. This last function is new. The robot is able to render the housing map in 3D by placing certain pieces of furniture that it has managed to recognize. The main thing being that the robot knows how to manage to evolve within the housing, as it is, we do not find this cartographic restitution of obvious usefulness.

The programming and customization possibilities remain very complete, with this famous DND mode that we still find so practical. As a reminder, it allows you to define time slots during which the robot must not operate so as not to disturb.

We have only one reservation to make concerning the application. During our last test of the W10 we regretted having had trouble customizing the mapping, mainly cutting out the rooms as they are in our apartment. As the app has been updated, we were hoping this issue would be fixed. Alas, that is not yet the case. We only managed to redefine one or two pieces. We even tried to erase the map, create a new one and redo the manipulation – without success. Too bad, we lose comfort of use since we cannot start real cleaning piece by piece. We really hope that a future update will fix this problem, which becomes regrettable given the price at which this robot is sold.

Reduced maintenance

Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, it is limited thanks to the automatic cleaning of the pads and the emptying of dust into a bag. Otherwise, the maintenance actions are classic and are the same as for maintaining the W10 already tested, less emptying of the tank, therefore. Also note that Dreame has placed a cleaning tool under the dust bag hatch to remove the hair from the main brush, a good idea not to lose it.

Where to buy it?

The Dreame L10s Ultra is available exclusively at Boulanger until September 30 at a price of 1199 euros. It will then be available in France on other online stores at the same price.

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