DualSense support and operators clarify

At the dawn of its release, Call of Duty Vanguard unveiled information on the support for DualSense on PS5 and on four of its specialists.

Call of Duty Vanguard, Activision’s latest baby, is due out on November 5. On that date, FPS fans will be able to join the battlefields of WWII and play with a team of original operators. Among the big questions that players are still asking, Activision has decided to answer the following two: the PS5 version of Vanguard will it be optimized for DualSense? Who are the campaign mode operators?

The DualSense will be well supported by Vanguard

Activision responds positively to the first question. Chris Fowler, senior engineer at Sledgehammer Games, explains that Call of Duty Vanguard will take full advantage of Sony’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. This will aim to increase the feeling of realism, by making the players feel the weight and the recoil of the weapons.

In addition to the feel of the weapon in hand, the studio hopes to be able to faithfully transcribe the shots on the different surfaces, in particular using haptic feedback and the reactive environments of Vanguard. Each weapon will therefore have its own feeling, which will be altered by the different sets of the game. The returns will also be honored with the explosions and other blasts present in the title.

The operators present themselves in more detail

Regarding the presentation of the campaign mode specialists Call of Duty Vanguard, Stephen Rhodes, lead narrator at Sledgehammer Games, provided us with more details. In the trailer unveiled a few weeks ago, we discovered the main characters of the solo adventure. Today, two of them, as well as two new characters, are presented to us.

The first to show up is Arthur Kinglsey, the leader of the special squad sent to Germany. He has everything of a perfect hero: he is charismatic, funny, courageous and intelligent. For Activision, it was important to describe the story of Vanguard through his eyes because he has a unique history and an authentic character.

Then we learn more about Polina petrova. A member of the special forces also sent to Germany, Polina is an outstanding shooter who uses her talent to quench her thirst for revenge. Indeed, she wants to dot the i’s after having lost almost everything because of the war. She will therefore decide to stop her nursing profession to enlist as a soldier.

Soldiers with strong origins and convictions

Daniel Take Yatsu is also a very talented sniper, with a history marked by violence. He embodies the archetype of the Japanese-American soldier whose heart is torn between fighting for his new homeland, and protecting his family, who have been deported to an American camp.

Finally, Padmavati Balan is an Indian nurse, who also decided to fight for a free India and ” whose fate would be determined by the will of his people “. For this, she does not hesitate to show courage and fight in the jungle for her convictions.

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