During the nights of September 2022, the stars offer a unique spectacle

Recently, researchers from Jet Propulsion Laboratory observed the sky to predict the movements of celestial bodies near the earth. Estimates indicate that stars and planets near the globe will give birth to extraordinary compositions that will change configuration throughout the month of September. It would even be possible to observe these phenomena with a telescope.

stars in space

The main celestial bodies observed are March and two stars (Aldebaran and Betelgeuse). The whole will form colorful figures which will be visible throughout the month. Jupiter will also be there. The gas giant and Saturn will form a couple of stars. The Moon will be added to it to form a trio of celestial bodies observable at night.

NASA will take advantage of the special organization of the planets to schedule successive observations of a satellite of Jupiter.

Mars moves away from Aldebaran for Betelgeuse, the other stars also align

At the beginning of the month, the red planet should form a triangle with the stars Aldebaran (orange) and Betelgeuse (same color as Mars). The cluster will gradually change in appearance due to the migratory movements of Mars. The planet will indeed move towards the east to get closer to Betelgeuse, forming on the way an amazing red triangle.

Following these successive displacements, the red planet will be immobilized in the sky for a certain time. On his side, the moon seems close to Jupiter, which is currently in its peak visibility phase. Thus, with a telescope, it would be possible to admire this marvelous arrangement of the stars. Saturn, on the other hand, will form a couple with Jupiter. Later this planetary pair will escort the moon across the sky.

Juno will take the opportunity to observe Europa

The trio thus formed will be visible in the evening in the southeast, two hours after nightfall. At the end of the month, Saturn and Jupiter will be visible a little earlier in the evening gradually migrating west During the night. Also, the last days of September will mark the beginning of the equinox, meaning that day and night will be of equal length.

As Jupiter is currently clearly visible, NASA’s Juno spacecraft should perform a special and rapid flyby ofEurope, one of the gas giant’s moons. Following the data from these observations, another mission that the spacecraft will carry out Europa Clipper will determine if the conditions prevailing on said moon are conducive to life.


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