Dying Light 2 gets off to a great start on Steam

Whether you are completely burned out of the zombie madness that gripped video games a few years ago or still a fan of virtual undead massacres, it must be recognized that the public is still fond of these half-dead pixelated according to the pretty launch of Dying Light 2. Techland’s title, a vast open-world action game where zombies have a prominent place, stood out today with an impressive spike in concurrent users on Steam.

Dying Light 2 finds success on Steam

According to data from the SteamDB site, Dying Light 2 had the best launch this year for a paid game on Valve’s platform. Peaking at 206,721 concurrent users, the zombie game is doing better than monster hunter rise of Capcom (134,262), but also more than double of god of war, the port of Santa Monica Studios’ old PlayStation 4 exclusive. Unsurprisingly, the highly anticipated Yu Gi Oh! Master Dueling stands out as the biggest hit of the start of 2022, but its free access has greatly contributed to this sudden popularity.

Compared to last year, Techland’s stock is doing better than Resident Evil Villagestill from Capcom (106,631 concurrent users), but logically less than Valheimthe ultra-popular Iron Gate studio juggernaut and its peak at half a million users.

Ahead of its release today, Dying Light 2 had made headlines in the news thanks to its well-rehearsed communication. Proudly displaying the grandiloquent figure of 500 hours of lifespan to finish the game from top to bottom, Techland has caused a lot of talk on social networks. Whether positive or negative reactions, the publicity stunt still seems to have worked in attracting the attention of many players. Released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, the Nintendo Switch version of the game, running on the cloud, was recently pushed back several months. in order to divert fans to the gaming experience at the level they deserve“. No new release date has been announced.

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