Dyson Omni-glide vacuum cleaner test, a flyweight that knocks everyone out when it comes to maneuverability

Dyson Omni-glide vacuum cleaner test, a flyweight that knocks everyone out when it comes to maneuverability

The Omni-glide is not another Dyson stick vacuum. This is a new kind of device that the British manufacturer describes as an omnidirectional vacuum cleaner. Compact, light, it has a suction head with an atypical shape, equipped with two rotating rollers, which rotates in all directions to be able to sneak in everywhere. The manufacturer presents it as an extra vacuum cleaner. Inevitably, it piqued our curiosity, so much so that we tested it for several months.

When we first encountered the Omni-glide, it immediately piqued our curiosity. Much smaller than other Dyson stick vacuum cleaners, it does without a handle, which gives way to a straight handle. It also ignores the trigger found on all Dyson vacuum cleaners, which is replaced by buttons. And above all, its suction head, equipped with two soft fabric rollers (inherited from the Dyson Fluffy brush) and articulated in all directions, is intriguing.

Dyson Omni-glide at the best price
Base price: €429

A real flyweight: 1750 g at the weigh-in

Dyson having stopped producing canister vacuum cleaners, its brooms had to meet the criteria that allow them to occupy the place of main vacuum cleaner in homes. They must therefore be powerful, have significant autonomy and their waste collector must have a comfortable capacity. Under these conditions, inevitably, the devices become more imposing and heavier.

But then what to offer people looking for a compact, handy vacuum cleaner, suitable for small spaces? Dyson’s answer is the Omni-glide. The brand announces a weight of 1.9 kg. On our scale, it even weighs a little less since we measured 1,750 kg with the suction tube and the omnidirectional brush.

From one hand to the other, we pass the baton

To design this extra device, Dyson has completely revised its copy. You can tell the engineers who developed the Omni-glide wondered what users needed and how they vacuumed. At first glance, we were surprised (but not upset) that the manufacturer deprived the Omni-glide of the famous trigger found on all its other models (a trigger that must be constantly squeezed to suck). Only two buttons are present on the handle of the Omni-glide: a normal mode which starts/stops the suction continuously, the other which engages/disengages the boost mode.

According to Dyson, the Omni-glide being designed to clean quickly and easily by reaching all corners, it must be able to pass easily from one hand to the other. However, a trigger that would have to be pressed would be neither practical nor ergonomic. Thanks to the continuous suction, the experience is much smoother. We validate and even we plusse. Due to the Omni-glide’s small size, lightness and design, it can easily be passed from one hand to the other; we are even tempted to do so. And this facilitates access to corners that are otherwise much more difficult to reach.

Cleaning hard floors, but not only

Dyson’s Fluffy brush is originally intended for cleaning hard floors. As a reminder, this is a soft fabric roller with rows of stiffer bristles, to facilitate both the collection of thick waste and fine dust. The Omni-glide brush is made up of two such rollers. Dyson therefore intends this small broom mainly for the maintenance of hard floors. In fact, during our tests, it was particularly comfortable on our parquet floors and tiles. We also carried out some tests on fine carpet. The rollers tend to catch on them slightly and the Omni-glide therefore slides less easily on this type of surface, but it can be used there occasionally.

No concessions on versatility: like the big ones, the Omni-glide easily transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Simply detach its suction tube and connect one of the small accessories provided to dust furniture, sofas, cushions, mattresses, clean the interior of a car… Like the large stick vacuum cleaners called “versatile can also be turned over to clean at height – for example to clean air vents. Moreover, this operation is facilitated because of its lightness, which is very appreciable.

Dyson delivers the accessories needed to dust just about the whole house, namely in the case of the Omni-glide version (very short) that we tested: the omnidirectional brush for floors, a long combined nozzle (elongated nozzle and ) and a crevice tool for worktops. Finally, the vacuum cleaner comes with a charger and an ultra-compact wall-mounted charging base. Unlike that of other vacuum cleaners, it does not plan to accommodate accessories. There is also an Omni-glide+ version which gains a long nozzle fitted with a LED to illuminate the area being vacuumed.

A true contortionist

Let’s not beat around the bush and let’s announce it bluntly: we totally fell in love with this Omni-glide. So much so that during our long weeks of testing, we completely abandoned our V11 to only vacuum with the Omni-glide. What seduced us the most was undoubtedly its lightness and above all its maneuverability. The omnidirectional head actually contorts in all directions. And thanks to the shape of the handle, all it takes is a twist of the wrist to spin the brush that follows without any problem. The latter glides with great fluidity on hard floors, sucking in from the front as well as from the rear. Not only is it convenient, but it also saves a little time.

The brush is thin and narrow, which makes it easier to pass through small spaces. In addition, you can really turn it to all sides; it can for example be tucked in profile between two pieces of furniture and therefore reach spaces that are usually inaccessible without changing accessories. Indeed, under the brush, 4 small wheels that rotate 360° are provided for this purpose.

Another advantage of the Omni-glide: it can be positioned completely flat to pass under any piece of furniture (a bed, a shelf, kitchen furniture, etc.). And as its collector is very fine, nothing stumbles on the bottom of the furniture. In short, almost no corner is out of reach. This Omni-glide is a bit of a UFO in the sense that we had never had a device of this kind in our hands. And the impression is the same when you use it: we had never used or tested a vacuum cleaner capable of contorting like this.

Suction efficiency that surprised us

Dyson had told us so many times that the Omni-glide is an extra vacuum cleaner that we had some doubts about its suction efficiency. Especially since the technical sheet announces 50 airwatts when a Dyson V15 displays 240 airwatts (and 220 for the V11). So we didn’t really know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised. Indeed, the rotating rollers of the brush contribute greatly to the collection of waste, so that for cleaning the floors, we did not feel this difference. Used for several months as the only vacuum cleaner in the house, the Omni-glide collected dust, our long hair, the hair of our two felines and even the litter they took out of their box without complaining.

In this last exercise, the Omni-glide is even particularly comfortable when other more powerful devices are struggling, requiring several passages. The Omni-glide, on the other hand, leaves the place clean (it’s all the “magic” of the Fluffy brush) in a single pass. And for this, it is not necessary to use the boost mode, the normal power is more than enough. The mini turbo-brush, too, ensures very appreciable results. For example, it dislodges animal hair from cushions and textiles with great efficiency.

It’s when we use the other non-motorized accessories that we feel that the Omni-glide has less fishing. Under these conditions, depending on what you want to vacuum (some dust, a colony of crumbs on the table or on the worktop, etc.), it may be necessary to engage the boost mode.

In any case, for floor maintenance, the Omni-glide does wonders and in our opinion, it can be used very well as a main vacuum for small areas such as a studio, a small two-room apartment or the floor of a house. Its lightness and maneuverability also make it a particularly practical ally for cleaning stairs. Finally, we believe that this device can also be a relevant choice for people who want to take advantage of the maneuverability of a stick vacuum cleaner but who have difficulty carrying it.

20 minutes of autonomy

The 20 minutes of autonomy announced are undoubtedly part of the characteristics that make Dyson say that the Omni-glide is a vacuum cleaner. In normal mode, we were able to confirm this duration for cleaning floors with the dedicated brush: the device lasted 24 minutes. As always, the turbo mode is to be used with moderation, since it melts the autonomy to just over 8 min (and 47 s). It doesn’t seem like much, but let’s remember that the “larger” models have similar autonomy in turbo mode. In addition, this mode is only necessary occasionally, our tests having confirmed that the normal mode is sufficient in most cases.

It remains to wonder what can be dusted in 20 minutes. This seems more than enough for a studio or a small apartment. For example, this endurance allowed us to clean our 70 m2 apartment provided we did it daily – in fact, it all depends on the state of the floors and the habits of the user. Also note that a full charge takes about 3.5 hours.

Since the start and mode selection buttons are rather well positioned on the handle (you can easily reach them with your thumb), do not hesitate to stop the vacuum to save battery power if necessary. The ability to vacuum from hand to hand, however, saves time, especially if you want to move objects or furniture such as chairs while continuing to clean.

The only serious complaint we will have with the Omni-glide concerns the battery level indicator. It consists of a single blue LED that flashes when the battery is charging and turns off when charged. While running, there is no indication that the Omni-glide is out of breath and when its battery runs out, it therefore shuts down without notice, which is always a little frustrating.

Regarding the battery, it should be noted that it is removable and can therefore be replaced (it costs €102.90), a good point in terms of durability.

Always so easy to maintain

Despite its small size, the Omni-glide has Dyson’s famous multi-cyclonic filtration system (it uses 8 cyclones). As for the filter, washable and easy to access, Dyson has not cut back on its efficiency either since the brand announces that it filters 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

The collector, on the other hand, is compact and contains only 0.2 liters of dust and waste. Depending on what is being sucked up, it must therefore be emptied frequently. If we just have a few crumbs and dust off the corners, it will be able to contain some. On the other hand, if we vacuum hair and animal hair (as we did), an emptying is necessary at least after each use. To empty the collector, the Omni-glide is equipped with a dust ejection system. Just press the button on the back of the manifold and push down. This opens the hatch and ejects the dust. It is relatively effective even if sometimes, you still have to try several times, especially when the collector is full, stuffed with animal hair for example. This element can be detached and washed with water if necessary.

As for the main brush, it is easily cleaned too. Just press the button on top and pull to the side. The entire block containing the rollers and their drive comes out; it is well designed. You can detach the rolls from the sides, then wash them with water.

Dyson Omni-glide at the best price
Base price: €429

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