€ 30,000 is the price of the (fake) recipe for Giant sauce

An NFT based on the recipe for the famous Giant sauce was recently sold for 7 ETH, or around € 30,000. But the winner will leave without the ingredients.

Since their explosion a few years ago, NFTs have colonized the entire Internet, so much so that it is becoming difficult to miss. The players in the sector compete in ingenuity to sell their tokens to the highest bidder, which sometimes gives rise to rather absurd promotional campaigns. The proof in pictures with Quick, who recently decided to auction the secret recipe for his most popular sauce… but it will be difficult to reconstitute it at home.

This story began with an unremarkable initiative from the fast food brand. As is often the case in this industry, the brand’s fiftieth anniversary was the perfect opportunity for a great commercial operation. This is how the Belgian branch had a crazy idea: to sell the recipe for the Giant sauce, one of the group’s emblematic burgers, in the form of NFT.

And if it surprises you that a fast-food giant delivers its secret recipes in this way… you are perfectly right to doubt it. Because as one would expect, Quick did not deliver the secrets of its turnkey sauce. Rather than writing it in black and white, the brand has conscientiously camouflaged it by inscribing it in the form of an audio spectrum. According to 20 Minutes, it is even the boss of the Belgian branch who would have made the recording in person.

The recipe … with a nice gesture

A little bit of trivia certainly interesting, but perfectly useless for the greedy; the image would have been reworked so that its owner could not use reverse engineering to transcribe the recipe. But buyers were all aware of this peculiarity.

If the lucky winner has chosen to pay 7 Etherum (around 30,000 euros at the current rate), it is above all for a good cause. The sum was indeed donated to Digital for Youth. On its website, this Belgian association explains that it “strives to provide all young people with safe and seamless access to information and communication technologies. ”

The winner will therefore not be able to reconstruct the original recipe, unless they develop an innovative technological arsenal to recover the basic recording from the image. But be reassured: the Internet is full of excellent imitations offered by Internet users, the recipes of which are often freely available.

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