€45 skins to counter financial problems?

A poll shared with some players reveals sky-high prices for skins in the FPS sequel, Blizzard responds.

How much would you be willing to pay for a skin in Overwatch 2 ? That’s the question Blizzard asked a handful of players in a survey that did not fail to make people talk about it. With the arrival of the new version of its team-based shooter, the studio is moving the franchise to a free-to-play format to makeOverwatch a service game like many of its competitors. This transition also marks the end of the famous lootboxes and their random rewards.

However, the title will therefore have to find new sources of income to survive without surprising players with abusive microtransactions. Far from what Blizzard offers with Diablo Immortal, Overwatch 2 will offer a battle pass system. This new standard for free-to-play games fits perfectly with a title like this, but it obviously won’t be the only possible purchase option.

A skin, you deserve it

According to a survey of some players, Overwatch is preparing to integrate skins individually or in packs, but not at any price… On July 30, a Twitter user publishes an excerpt from the survey received by one of his friends. This highlights different sales formats at significant prices.

We then find:

  • A legendary skin at $44.99
  • A $29.99 legendary skin pack (which includes a weapon keychain, player icon, victory pose, voice line, name card, and spray)
  • A legendary skin at $24.99
  • A souvenir character intro for $19.99
  • A $9.99 weapon keychain

For the sake of comparison, 50 lootboxes on the current version ofOverwatch cost 39.99€. It is also possible to obtain some for each level up, a rather time-consuming option. Either way, getting a skin in Overwatch requires some investment of time or money.

Blizzard takes inspiration from its competitors

Unsurprisingly, players quickly got carried away imagining cosmetics at such high prices. Blizzard didn’t wait long to respond and explain that the figures and packs of the survey were offered randomly to the different participants. For the purpose of study, the studio panicked the players for a moment. So while these prices are only fictitious, it wouldn’t be surprising to find expensive cosmetics in the final version of the game.

Other FPS like Valorant offer weapon skins at surprising prices and yet, players comply. This is standard practice for this type of shooter. Since the advent of skins on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the Steam market, these virtual appearances are obtained in exchange for real jackpots. Although the system of selling Valorant is different, its price ranges are very high and this does not prevent players from checking out.

If this model proves to be adopted for Overwatch 2, this solution may well be the key to Blizzard’s financial worries. Although the company’s latest results show an increase in the number of active players since the release of Diablo Immortal, the studio continues to lose money, a trend unchanged for some time now. Activision Blizzard is counting on its new projects to return to the front of the stage. It remains to be seen whether the new extension of World of Warcraft and Overwatch 2 enough to capture the attention of players.

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