EA and Koei Tecmo are teaming up to create a competitor to Monster Hunter

An unexpected alliance embarks on the hunt for monsters with a new license that wants to tackle the biggest.

Right now, fans of virtual monster hunting are served. After Monster Hunter: Rise and its extension Sunbreak who have not failed to show Capcom’s expertise in this area, now new competitors are entering the battle. The news has just fallen via a press release, and it has the merit of surprising. EA Games and the Japanese studio Koei Tecmo (known in particular for the series of Dynasty Warriors and all subsequent spin-offs) will join forces for the first time to produce a new game of its kind with great ambitions.

The press release in question reveals very little information about this new project, but there is still something to arouse curiosity. In effect, the studios boast of preparing the “next great hunting game. With these few words, some could imagine a target shooting game on poor animals who have not asked for anything. However, it seems to be a question of a completely different type of hunting, very different from that which we practice in our world…

The best of both worlds

With this announcement, EA and Koei Tecmo understood that they needed the right arguments to captivate their communities. We then find a first concept art of the title (in image of a) accompanied by a description of the universe of the game which will already be able to convince many players:

This new original license offers a AAA experience set in the heart of feudal Japan.

We must admit that this has the merit of holding our attention, especially knowing the expertise of Koei Tecmo in the matter. After recent successes like Hyrule Warriors where Fire Emblem Warriors induced from inheritance Dynasty Warriors, the studio no longer has to demonstrate its mastery of action games and medieval atmospheres. Jeff Gamin, director of partnerships at EA confirms that they are working well in collaboration with the Omega Force team in charge of games “Warriors. The developers at EA are “delighted” of workers with their Japanese colleagues and that the “fusion” of the talents of the two studios delivers a surprising result:

They took the hunting game genre to a whole new level by combining their renowned talent for combat gameplay with innovative and unexpected mechanics.

If you liked this topo, know that it won’t be long before you learn more. In effect, EA and Koei also confirm that the game will come back later this month ! A surprise appearance at the Tokyo Game Show in a few days? Only time will tell.

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