EA changes its mind about the lack of a campaign?

A mysterious announcement from EA raises doubts about the arrival of a campaign in Battlefield 2042.

At its output, Battlefield 2042 registered as one of the worst disappointments of the year 2021. A game riddled with bugs, unable to find real players, very poorly optimized and above all far too incomplete to be appreciable. After weeks of a difficult start, we had to face the facts, Battlefield 2042 was a big flop. Many players asked for a refund, while others waited patiently for the issues to be fixed one by one, until the majority of users jumped ship.

Today, Battlefield 2042 is still a ghost game, never mentioned and ultimately hardly used – or at least enjoyed. And yet, it’s the successor to a remarkable franchise that has become a mainstay in the FPS world. Whether Battlefield 2042 did not catch on with fans of the genre, it is above all because of the redesign wanted by EA, which transformed the title into a game service.

The return of war stories? Not so sure

No single-player campaign, a large-scale multiplayer mode, boosted by AI, but which is sorely lacking in really useful novelties; here is what became of the famous license. Almost a year after this bitter failure, it seems that EA is on the way to correcting its errors, or at least one of them. In a press release, the firm announces the creation of the Ridgeline Games studio, which is intended for a very specific purpose:

Led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto and comprised of industry veterans from around the world, Ridgeline Games will focus on developing a story-driven campaign in the Battlefield universe. […] With their ambition, passion and years of experience on the best titles in the gaming industry, Marcus and his team are eager to tell stories and take players on incredible adventures that are only possible in the game. universe of Battlefield.

This message, to say the least enigmatic, informs us that EA does not intend to camp on its positions and admits to needing the narrative aspect of Battlefield to win the hearts of its players. It must be said that the war stories of the previous opuses had hit the bull’s eye. However, nothing mentions 2042, so it could be a brand new project, or even a paid extension. We will have to wait for more information from the studio to find out more.

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