EA Sports is reportedly about to rename the ‘FIFA’ franchise to ‘EA Sports FC’

We may soon know the outcome of the long soap opera between the publisher Electronic Arts and the FIFA organization. After several months of consecutive ball returns and semi-hostile statements, the two groups are said to be on the verge of not renewing their agreement concerning the use of the FIFA brand for the football game franchise. In any case, this is what journalist Jeff Grubb argues in his GrubbSnax podcast. Always very well informed, the insider suggests that the American publisher intends to go it alone in the future.

EA Sports and FIFA, nothing goes

Thus, Electronic Arts would have decided to abandon the name FIFA in favor of a brand new title for its football simulation franchise. The publisher’s future football games would then be called EA Sports FC, in a nomenclature similar to that of its EA Sports PGA Tour golf simulation franchise. A kind of “buffer” EA which is well aware that the popularity of its franchise of football games exceeds that of the name affixed to the jacket.

The conflict between EA and FIFA would start from the renegotiation of the contract for the coming decade. The football federation organization would then have asked for a sum much higher than the previous agreement for the use of the FIFA brand in the games of Electronic Arts… A sum that the latter would therefore not intend to pay. Ultrapopular, EA’s football series certainly doesn’t need the FIFA stamp to sell like hotcakes – especially since its disappearance would in no way alter the vast majority of game content.

The use of the FIFA brand concerns, concretely, the presence of the visual, the dressing and the mention of the World Cup… And that’s all. Whether it is the image and name of the players, leagues and stadiums, all of these depend on other agreements made with other third parties, whether clubs or unions. If FIFA 23 were to release with the presence of the World Cup mode, future games in the franchise could mark a whole new beginning for the EA Sports brand…

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