EA Sports will shut down multiple servers for its NHL game

EA Sports will shut down multiple servers for its NHL game

At Electronic Arts, the NHL franchise is to ice hockey what FIFA remains to football: the simulation game par excellence. Since 1991, the series has benefited from a new opus each year. This year was no exception to tradition, as EA Sports launched the NHL 22 game on October 15 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. After each new release, logic dictates that all players migrate to the new one.

Unfortunately, this is not happening, with some players preferring to continue playing old games. Currently, some NHL titles dating back nearly a decade are still playable online. Not for long however, since EA has decided to permanently close these different servers.

NHL 14 to NHL 18 servers soon to be unavailable

The deadline given by EA Sports for the measure to come into effect is June 6. From this date, the American video game company will no longer offer online support for the following games: NHL 14, NHL 15, NHL 16, NHL 17 and NHL 18. A situation that will apply to all the platforms on which they are available.

This decision now means that those who still play online on these versions of NHL have practically only three months to enjoy them. Mainly game modes like Be A GM and NHL Threes which will no longer be available on these five versions of the game.

To justify its choice, EA Sports highlighted historically low levels of use of these servers by players. Thus, their maintenance is no longer justified, while being very expensive. However, it will still be possible for players to continue playing the offline modes of the various games.

Some fans of the franchise will be happy to hear that the NHL 94 retro mode available in NHL 14 remains playable as it is an offline feature.

A simply inevitable decision

The world of video games moves very fast. Particularly that of EA Sports where game franchises related to sport are updated each year in order to best meet the expectations of players.

If the company is making this effort, it is certainly not to continue promoting its old games. He highlights his new releases and urges players to embrace them. It is therefore normal that the old games are of no interest to him and to the vast majority of players.

Certainly, fans of the old opuses never fail. There are always communities of gamers who for one reason or another prefer old-school games. Nevertheless, these are generally marginal. Continuing to maintain servers to please a few nostalgic people makes no sense.

The smartest thing to do is get them to upgrade to newer game versions. This is what EA Sports intends to do by definitively ending online support for the old titles of the NHL franchise.

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