EA tackles cheaters with its own revolutionary anti-cheat

The online games of EA games will be much more secure in terms of cheating thanks to a new high-performance protection.

As well as being the next football game football fans have been waiting for, FIFA 23 will serve as a pioneer in testing EA’s new in-house anti-cheat system. The studio has been working on its own solution for several years now to protect players from cheaters. After a patent filed in January 2021 for a new generation anti-cheat, the protection signed EA is ready to be deployed.

With this system of another order, even cheaters with the most advanced techniques will find it difficult to crack down. More and more cheats act directly on the kernel of the PC. The “kernel” of a machine allows the interactions between the hardware (that is to say the components) and the different software. Hiding cheat actions in this core makes them undetectable by conventional anti-cheat protections. This is how EA is going to get to the very heart of the problem.

The ultimate protection (maybe a little too much)

As you will have understood, EA will introduce its first anti-cheat protection acting at the heart of the kernel. As FIFA 23 will be the first episode of the series to offer cross-platform games, the studio is working hard to protect console players from certain malicious PC players. The EA AntiCheat (EAAC) will meet all demands for protection against new cheat technologies, explains Elise Murphy, Director of In-Game Security and Anti-Cheat at EA:

Cheat developers on PC are increasingly moving into the core, so we need core protection to ensure a level playing field for players and to attack cheaters on their turf.

Some players are concerned about the security risks, however. Since the software works within the kernel itself, it can have access to a whole lot of personal data. Elise Murphy is already reassuring players by explaining that she worked hand in hand with cybersecurity experts to make EAAC a secure solution.

EAAC does not collect any information about your search histories, non-EA game apps, or anything unrelated to cheat protection.

This protection will be gradually rolled out to other EA games once it has proven itself on FIFA 23. However, not all EA titles will be affected and games that will benefit from this protection will be selected “case by case.

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