EA vs. FIFA conflict can turn all football games upside down

FIFA takes a dim view of EA’s dominance in football games, which could be the source of the conflict between the two sides.

Any player who has ever been informed on the subject knows that what makes a football game so strong are the exclusive licenses it has managed to obtain. A few weeks after the release of Konami’s eFootball 2022 and EA’s FIFA 22, EA’s dominance in this area is no longer a question, but an observation. And all this, FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) does not seem to appreciate it.

Indeed, in a communicated published on its official website, the federation declared that it would be good for the video game industry to diversify its offer of football games. Without citing EA and its game FIFA, the statement contains a message that is very clearly aimed at the studio. It is written :

FIFA is optimistic and excited about the future of games and esports for football, and it is clear that this space needs to be occupied by more than one party controlling all rights. […] FIFA therefore engages with various industry players, including developers, investors and analysts, to develop a long-term vision for the gaming, esports and interactive entertainment sector.

EA and FIFA are still in negotiations

This only happens a few days after it was revealed that the game’s name change FIFA could be because of a financial issue. Indeed, FIFA would ask EA for almost double the previously agreed amount to allow EA to continue using its federation name for its game.

The issue of diversity is at stake on both sides of the conflict. EA had announced that it wanted to adopt a name that would reflect the diversity of teams and championships in its game, and therefore not be limited to FIFA. The federation would therefore like to develop a more competitive and therefore more diverse video game football market. While the two parties are currently still in the negotiation phase, a renewal of the naming rights seems very compromised.

For its part, EA is in the process of getting its players used to a future name change, by depositing the copyright of EA Sports FC, the alleged next name of FIFA. With the announcement of the federation, we can now expect a change in the content of the license as well, since EA could obtain fewer teams exclusively.

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