eBay refuses to sell Jeffrey Dahmer costumes for Halloween, but not because of the Netflix series

With Halloween fast approaching, many internet users are heading to eBay to try and get a Jeffrey Dahmer costume. An unfortunately predictable phenomenon given the success of the Netflix series on the serial killer. But now, eBay has long banned the sale of this type of disguise. The platform explained itself on the subject.

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Credits: Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer is undeniably the big Netflix success of the moment, even going so far as to help the SVOD service to raise the bar a bit. The mini-series, centered around the serial killer of the same name who raged during the 1980s, arouses as much fascination as indignation on social networks, and the approach of Halloween is not going to help matters.

As one might (unfortunately) expect, the popularity of the series has led to many requests for killer-inspired costumes. On eBay, these disguises have been popping up by the dozens for the past few days. However, these are systematically deleted immediately by the platform. Indeed, the site categorically refuses that its users buy or sell objects related to the serial killer.

Don’t try to buy Jeffrey Dahmer suits on eBay (or anywhere else)

A policy that does not date from the release of the Netflix series, as a spokesperson explains. Indeed, eBay regulations have long stipulated that “Ads that promote or glorify violence or violent acts, or that are associated with individuals known to have committed violent acts” are strictly prohibited on its platform. Suffice to say that Jeffrey Dahmer suits fall very clearly into this category.

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A decision applauded by the relatives of the victims. Shirley Hughes, mother of Tony Hughes, one of the latter said about it: “Dahmer was absolute evil and I don’t understand how people who choose to dress like him can sleep at night”. Shirley Hughes particularly resents Netflix for producing the series: “If Netflix hadn’t aired the series, none of the families would be victimized again…and there would be no Dahmer costumes this year.” »

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