Eddie Munson meets Metallica at Lollapalooza!

Joseph Quinn, interpreter of the young metalhead in the last season of Stranger Things has just realized the dream of his character…

For its fourth season, Stranger Things will have marked its spectators with two memorable musical scenes. “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush had its moment of glory during the first part of the season, resulting in a surge of popularity for the artist thanks to social networks (and more particularly Tiktok). In the impressive two-episode finale, Eddie Munson’s character also gave us a stunning Upside Down performance that was sure to be a hit.

Equipped with his guitar, the Hellfire Club playing master took over “Master of Puppets” by Metallica to attract the monsters of the parallel dimension of Hawkins. The result is an absolutely epic scene paying homage to the cult title of the metal band. While the musicians have already thanked Netflix and the actor for this performance, the collaboration between the platform and the group does not stop there and pushes the doors of Chicago’s Lollapalooza.

All fans of each other

Joseph Quinn had the chance to meet the band before their performance at the festival and Netflix obviously captured the moment. The opportunity for fans of the series and the group to discover that the musicians are also passionate about Stranger Things than the actor is to their music. “Thanks for letting us use the song” exclaims the actor to express his gratitude. With just as much humility, the band’s guitarist James Hetfield hastened to reply, “Thanks for doing him justice.

After all, similarly to Kate Bush’s track, the track’s use in the series finale will once again have propelled it into the top 100 streams 36 years after its release! Joseph Quinn also had the chance to play the track with the band after practicing for months to deliver a worthy performance of the track for filming the series. In addition to this unforgettable memory, the actor left with a replica of his character’s guitar, signed by the band.

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