Einova POWER BAR review, a good companion for your Apple devices

Another great innovation from the EINOVA brand! A good 4-in-1 external battery. We know the Einova brand well, I’ve already had the chance to test two of their products: the marble, marble stone charger with a minimalist design and the Mundus pro, wireless charging station Qi with sterilizer. Being already conquered by my previous tests, I do not hide from you that this Power Bar test makes me happy in advance.

The main idea of ​​the Power Bar, that of concentrating on the same station, a multi charger for our Apple devices. 10K mAh of battery and 53W of total power in a single power bank with a compact and functional design. Thanks to the Power Bar, we can charge two devices and an Apple Watch. We appreciate the fact of being able to nomadise its use, the external battery it contains allows us to easily bring it everywhere in our travels and travels.

Product discovery

Upon opening the box, we find a sober design and a box with the brand’s flashy colors that attract attention. The user manual is in a bookmark-style format, very elegant and available in all languages. The product is protected by a hard plastic, on the other hand, I expected a smaller product, it is quite bulky and measures 18.54 x 2.59 x 6.78 cm.

It also weighs its weight, but we are not used to it with our featherweight chargers, but at Einova, it is a guarantee of quality. The material is a fairly rigid plastic. There are two specific slots for Qi charging of 7.5 W each, you can charge an iPhone and Airpods for example or Android accessories and smartphones, then there is a base that lowers and rises to charge your Apple Watch with a power of 5 W MFI certified.

It took me a little while to figure out the most sensible way to pry, I tried with a fingernail, it lacks dexterity in my opinion and it is a part that does not contain a light. When you take a look at the edge on the right of the product, there is the slot for the USB-C port to be used to recharge the external battery and thus be able to supply the charger to recharge other devices such as my laptop for example. .

There are two cables in the box, a 90cm USB-C to USB-C cable and a 90cm USB-C to lightning cable as well. Then finally, a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

And in terms of performance?

Still on the right side is a luminous assembly made up of five LEDs, three of them show the battery charge in blue in 33% increments. Let me explain :

  • 1-33% = 1 indicator light
  • 34% to 66% = 2 indicator lights
  • 67% to 100% = 3 indicator lights

For the other two remaining, they activate in green, when one of the two wireless charging slots activates. It took me a little time to understand the subtlety, I find it a bit of a shame, because you get lost a bit with all your indicator lights. Often out of battery with my MacBookAir, I really enjoyed recharging it using the USB-C cable.

The manual tells me to this effect, that I can by buying a Power Delivery 30W USB-C mains adapter not included in the box to also recharge my wall-mounted devices. I insist on the importance of the power of the adapter to be used for a quick result. Einova offers you to buy it from them, and offers you 30% when you pay with the CODE 30 WADAPTER by connecting to www.einova.com.

Regarding the charge, that’s still what interests us, I’m really satisfied. A big Apple user, I must admit that Einova products are predestined for us. Charging is fast for Apple devices. However, I did not have the opportunity to test it with Android to validate the charging power.

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