Elden Ring is getting a huge update: what’s new?

From Software has just rolled out a new update for Elden Ring, which adds even more content to the already very long game.

It’s not yet DLC time for Elden Ring, even if rumors predict a masterful extension. However, Bandai Namco and From Software are closely monitoring the release of the RPG, especially its international success. While the game has just reached 12 million copies sold, the studio is deploying an important update, in terms of fixes but also content.

No question of resting on its laurels, Elden Ring is a great game, but it’s not perfect. For good reason, Bandai Namco today introduced version 1.03 of the game, which a priori does not suggest major changes. And yet, the list of things fixed and added is actually very long. To find it in full, go to the game’s official website.

Rebalances, fixes and new content

First of all, the editor proceeds to some important rebalancing, which concern for example the effectiveness of the shield, the damage caused by certain objects or weapons, but also the consumption of CP points and endurance of certain actions, spells , etc These changes will benefit all those who have not yet finished their adventure, and who use all aspects of the gameplay available.

Then, the firm corrects many things, in particular certain bugs preventing the good progress of the quests, but the bugs compared to the NPCs, the loot and certain visual and texture effects. An improvement in gameplay in general which also affects the very content of the game since Bandai Namco adds new possibilities.

Indeed, there is now a function that allows you to save an icon and the name of an NPC on the map when you meet this NPC, which allows you to better find your way around when you meet NPCs who give you quests. There are also new quest phases for certain NPCs. Music-loving players will also be able to enjoy a new musical salvo in certain areas.

Other than that, the studio has made no announcement regarding the content that will be added to Elden Ring in the future, so it’s unclear if quests will regularly appear in this already gigantic open world.

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