Elden Ring PC allows, via a mod, to put the pause

Elden Ring PC allows, via a mod, to put the pause

On the condition of owning the game on PC and of being a volunteer for a facilitated experience, Elden Ring now offers the possibility of pausing. A function integrated via a mod but which can only be activated by playing offline. Always ready ?

You who have not succumbed to the call ofElden Ring while the sirens were very numerous to emit in your ears, can we blame insufficient financial means, a lack of interest for the new FromSoftware… or the fear of being chopped up? Let’s remember that by the admission of director Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, the game was designed to allow new players to have fun with Elden Ringand not only in the development of a feeling of sado-masochism.

However. Even with these intentions to broaden the audience already won over to the Souls franchise, Elden Ring remains a hairy title. In particular due to the impossibility of pausing the game, thus making certain health precautions essential before each game.

“Pause the game” mod for Elden Ring PC only activatable offline

PC usersElden Ring now have the option to pause their game via the mod developed by TechieW and downloadable from the Nexus mods anx community site. How does the “Pause the game” mod work? By pressing the “F” key, he simply freezes the action with the appearance of a window containing the message “Game paused. » This mod will however not be active if the Easy Anti-Cheat software is running.

The mod description provides instructions on how to disable this system, but doing so will force the player into a disconnected experience. In other words, it will be impossible for him to meet other players. The creator of “Pause the game” also wants to be reassuring about the risk of cheating detected by the software:

“If it happens to have anti-cheat enabled, the mod just won’t load and no cheating will be detected, so there’s no need to worry about that. »

If in this way more players can enjoy roaming the world ofElden Ring without ignoring the bells of the family or the delivery man, there is something to celebrate here.

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