Elden Ring: two big and absolutely epic launch trailers, which confirm a sumptuous DA

Want to understand the difference between the technical quality of a game and the beauty of its graphics? Just watch the last two launch trailers ofElden Ringthe next game from FromSoftware (Dark Souls), and you will easily understand that a sumptuous DA does not have to be a technical deluge to burst our retinas.


The first trailer in 4K with a total duration of almost 7 minutes, gives us a first graphic slap: from the exterior or interior environments to the bestiary through the light atmospheres, everything is breathtakingly beautiful, as if the finest heroic fantasy illustrations came to life before our eyes. The Souls were already very beautiful, but Elden Ring really seems to be taking it a step further.


The second trailer, released today, is both shorter and more impressive. The epic sense of Miyazaki’s studio reaches new heights here. We really have a mad desire to throw ourselves into the first open-world from FromSoftware, even if we already know that our fingers will suffer martyrdom. What if the big game of 2022 was him? Elden Ring will be available for sale on February 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC platforms.

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