Elden Ring would hide an underwear removed during the development of the game

By using devious means, players ofElden Ring discovered that the title of FromSoftware contained a rather particular object and impossible to obtain in a legal way: an underwear. The latter displaying a list of statistics, it is likely that the developers had originally planned to include it in the final version of the game.

One would think that with now more than a month of existence in the commercial circuit, Elden Ring would no longer really have any secrets for its players. However, this would be to offend the hopes of a world so gigantic that it would be futile to attempt its full conquest.

As we mentioned on a secret of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, many mysteries remain in a title covered in a classic way. Like Game Freak’s software, FromSoftware’s contains treasures inaccessible to pure adventurers. In other words, only users using cheating can touch this unique and unpublished content.

Elden Ring: the “Deathbed Smalls” had their list of statistics

It turns out that by penetrating into the bowels ofElden Ring, there is an undergarment referred to as “Deathbed Smalls”. Of all the clothes that the character of Fia can put on, this would be the only one that he cannot equip in the version ofElden Ring delivered as is to the public. We are told that Fia is one of the first non-playable characters (NPCs) we meet in the game.

We also learn that this undergarment has its own list of statistics, strongly implying that this piece of equipment was to be included in the game. Which suggests that these “Deathbed Smalls” have probably been deleted during development. Why ? We can assume that FromSoftware wanted to avoid offering tendentious content, even if it consisted of only one object out of a myriad.

It is of course possible that this underwear is not the only piece of equipment ofElden Ring impossible to find legally. It is even in this way that a multiplayer zone was also discovered, which will be offered in the more or less near future in the form of additional content (DLC).

Source: VGC

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